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Private Short Courses in Singapore

Attending a private course in Singapore is a great option for those who are looking to reinvent themselves as professionals and acquire new skills and knowledge that will help them keep afloat with changing business needs and market trends. 

Through our  private courses in Singapore—a nation known for producing one of the most skilled workforces in the world—MDIS helps keep individuals worldwide professionally competitive and highly employable even in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous market environments. 

MDIS offers a wide range of short private courses , for both local and international students alike. Our courses in Singapore are specifically designed to help professionals polish up critical skill sets and equip them with the knowledge and methodologies required to support their professional careers and efforts. Take a look at the full-time and part-time* courses offered by MDIS here in Singapore. 


How a Short Private Course Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

The job market today is extremely competitive, and your current skillset and industry-specific knowledge may be insufficient to get to or keep you at where you want to be with regard to your professional career. To remain relevant, you need to gain and display in-depth field-specific knowledge and skillsets — enrolling yourself in a short private course in Singapore allows you to do just that, while also empowering you with a form of official qualification that speaks for your capabilities as a professional to companies worldwide. 

The short courses offered by MDIS in Singapore are diversely varied, with 10 disciplines to choose from, and will focus on the latest and most crucial industry-relevant topics and trends from all across the world. The best part? You can complete these courses in less than 7 days.

Whether you choose to pursue a private course part-time or full–time, doing so can greatly increase your professional competitiveness and relevance, add credibility to your portfolio, offer scope for invaluable networking, and even present you with career advancement opportunities.

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Why Enrol in a Short Course in Singapore with MDIS?


Singapore’s reputation for academic rigour precedes it on the world stage, making it an ideal and conducive environment for furthering your studies. Completing a private course in Singapore not only grants you internationally-recognised academic credentials, but also allows you to network and build connections with hundreds of talented peers, students, and associates both on- and off-campus.


MDIS is the oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning in Singapore, with a focus on business knowledge and management. Our courses have been set up in conjunction with renowned universities and partner institutions from around the world, providing students with exposure to both worldwide talent and knowledge, and a rich local culture of academic excellence.


MDIS offers both full-time and part-time private courses in Singapore, all taught by our highly experienced and dedicated team of associates and lecturers. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certification displaying their professional advancements in their respective fields or discipline.


*Part-time courses are currently not available for international students in Singapore.