International Foundation Diploma (IFD) Programmes in Singapore

Targeted at preparing students for transitioning into a Degree or a Master’s level programme, an International Foundation Diploma provides strong fundamentals in skill sets and knowledge for building a career in your preferred field.

Get your International Foundation Diploma in a field that interests you and start your education off on the right foot. MDIS offers the International Foundation Diploma in several fields: Business, Engineering, Fashion & Design, Technology, Psychology, Media & Communications, Tourism & Hospitality and Life Sciences. Get prepared for your Degree today with International Foundation Diploma programmes offered here in Singapore.

An international foundation diploma serves as a good stepping stone towards higher-level studies, effectively paving the way for great career prospects in Singapore and abroad. With a good set of transferrable skills as well as subject knowledge, making the progression towards undergraduate study is much easier.

Why An International Foundation Diploma is Worth It

An International Foundation Diploma is worth the time and effort for several reasons. It helps you to prepare for further studies at a higher level – you worry less about keeping up in your undergraduate programme later on. Likewise, getting a head start in the fundamentals will equip you to be knowledgeable in your chosen set of subjects.

Students who are unable to be admitted into their preferred universities may consider an alternative progression route with MDIS International Foundation Diploma. This levels the playing field for the students and gives them an opportunity towards a career they desire in Singapore. Moreover, completing an International Foundation Diploma in their subject choice gives them the confidence to pursue higher education.

Your dream job is well within reach – apply for an International Foundation Diploma with MDIS in Singapore today and get ready for new opportunities.

MDIS International Foundation Diploma – Enquiries and Information

The International Foundation Diploma (IFD) Programmes in Singapore are designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts in their chosen academic discipline. With experienced and qualified teachers, excellent facilities, and a wide range of courses on offer, the IFD programmes are an excellent choice for students who want to study in Singapore.

At MDIS, we are proud to offer a well-rounded education that will help you achieve your educational goals. If you are looking for an excellent diploma programme, the IFD Programme at MDIS should be at the top of your list.

Read about why you should pick MDIS as the choice for your International Foundation Diploma now!

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