Green MDIS Campaigns On-Campus

Green Efforts


Green MDIS is part of MDIS' efforts to be responsible to the environment.

Green MDIS aims to promote greater environmental awareness and positive actions for the environment through offering tips on how to make a difference both on and away from the MDIS Campus. We aim to make practical attempts to minimise the damage to our beautiful planet.

Green MDIS also explores and taps on initiatives and incentive schemes that spin off from the National Environment Agency, the Ministry of Environment and the Building and Construction Authority.

Green MDIS has initiated a number of awareness campaigns on campus with staff and students. During the inaugural campaign organised in 2009, the following initiatives were implemented around MDIS Campus:

  1. Recycle bins were placed strategically around the campus to promote recycling.
  2. Posters were placed in many locations around the campus including the classrooms and restrooms to create awareness of environmentally sustainable practices.
  3. Green MDIS lanyards were distributed to staff to remind them to take the lead in spearheading the actions for the environment.
  4. The Green MDIS logo and the message "Let's go green... think before you print" were included in all emails to create awareness not only within the Institute, but also to spread the message to MDIS affiliates and associates.
  5. Tips on saving the environment were sent regularly to all students.

Over the years, the Green MDIS initiative has evolved further to include the observation of Earth Day every year: staff and students engage in activities including planting of saplings around the campus, distribution of indoor plants to staff, collection of recyclable items, re-sale of used books, and so on.

Similarly, eco-friendly features have now become a corner-stone of our building designs as well. The MDIS Residences@Stirling, which opened its doors to students in March 2011, was the very first hostel in Singapore to be awarded the Green Mark GoldPlus Award 2010 for eco-sustainability. Green features incorporated in the design of this 15-storey building include:

  • The exclusive use of green-label certified materials so as to minimise the carbon footprint
  • A rooftop garden to insulate the building from the brunt of the heat and to beautify the environment
  • Rainwater and solar collectors on the rooftop so as to make maximum the use of renewable natural resources
  • The use of heat shields, reflectors, architectural ventilation and double-glazed windows so that the building will be kept cool and pleasant without an excess of air-conditioning
  • Motion-sensor controlled fans and lights in the communal toilets, further minimising the amount of energy used.
  • Continuing with this eco-sustainability milestone, our newly renovated Block A won the Green Mark GoldPlus Award 2013, for similarly incorporating green features in the building design.

In recognition of our efforts in practising 'green' initiatives and involving our staff to do so as well, MDIS was awarded the Best Eco Practices Award (Merit) 2014. The Eco Action Awards 2014 is organised by Eco Action Day, Singapore's leading campaign for positive environmental action. Eco Action Day is an annual nationwide campaign in Singapore, encouraging awareness and action for the environment, culminating in the celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th.

We have now introduced the “lights off and computers off’ initiative at all office blocks on campus every Friday during lunch time, since July 2014. We aim to extend this eco-friendly venture to become a daily practice.

Together with the School of Fashion and Design, Green MDIS ran the “Denim Re-born” campaign in September 2014, during which staff and students brought in their used denim clothes, to be transformed into fashionable accessories by the students of the school.

Green MDIS hopes to continue to serve as a model in driving green activities in the private education sector.

National Awards

For our commitment to environmental sustainability, MDIS has been awarded with the following National Awards.

2014 Eco Action Award for Best Eco Practices (Merit)
2013 Building and Construction Authority's Green Mark GoldPlus Award
2010 Building and Construction Authority's Green Mark GoldPlus Award