Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

When will I receive my membership card?

You will receive your membership card (also known as your Biometric card) once you your applications have been approved for enrolment and the membership card can be printed at the Student Service Centre located at Blk A - Level 2 (room beside the cashier).

When and how can I receive my results?

Pre-degree – Online results will be released 1.5 months after exam via MDIS Blackboard.
Degree / Master – Depend on universities, hardcopies/ softcopies results will be released within 3 to 4 months after the last exam.

When can I receive my pre-degree certificate and transcript?

You will receive your pre-degree certificate and transcript 2 months after you obtain your last result slip.

When can I receive my course schedule and timetable for the new term?

You will receive your course schedule and the timetable for the next term 2 weeks before the new term starts. Alternatively, you may log into Blackboard to retrieve this information.

Where can I collect my course notes?

All course notes will be available electronically and uploaded to the respective module in the MDIS Blackboard. Please contact your respective student coordinator if you are unable to access the course notes via your Blackboard Account.

When can I receive my examination appeal results?

Pre-degree – 4 weeks after appeal.
Degree / Master – depending on the university.

How many times can I resit for the examination for pre-degree programmes?

You can resit 3 times per module.

Where do I hand in assignments?

Pre-degree – all assignments are to be handed directly to the lecturers (except School of Life Sciences).
Degree / Master – All coursework and practical reports are to be submitted through University's Blackboard (except School of Fashion and Design which requires physical portfolios or garments submissions)

Who do I approach if I cannot reach the coordinator for queries?

You can approach your respective Head of School and their contact details are available here.

How do I request for a deferment?

Students should send their requests for course deferment to their respective student coordinator and their contact details are available here.

How many times can I defer?

Students are allowed to defer only once up to the maximum period of one year.