President's Welcome Message

Greetings, and a very warm welcome to MDIS!

We have endeavoured to make this website informative and interesting, so that you are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to continue your association with our Institute.

The Institute not only aims to enrich your academic journey, but also provides you an environment to explore and discover your true potential. We continue to build a multicultural student and academic community, as it is a vital component in an excellent  education system. We aspire that all students leaving the Institute take their places in the global community.

In addition to academic quality, we value diversity because it is one of the most treasured tenets of the Institute. To be one of the top independent educational institutes in Singapore, we continue to strive to attract students and faculty from different backgrounds and provide them the kind of support they need to thrive.

Understanding the need to prepare students beyond academic excellence, we have constituted the ‘MDIS Experience’ – which entails a series of personal development workshops/programmes that aspire to build students’ self-confidence, creativity and communication skills.

To enhance students’ learning opportunities and experiences, the Institute organises a myriad of activities such as industry visits, community outreach initiatives, overseas student exchange programmes, cultural events, bazaars, sports activities and Student Council that students can engage in and be part of the MDIS family.

MDIS continually strives to resourcefully respond to new realities and challenges, build on the intellectual strengths, develop vital connections with students and provide the best circumstances to give a competitive edge to the MDIS student.

I urge every student to make the best use of your time at MDIS, by using our offerings to its fullest potential. As your partner in your pursuit of a life of excellence and fulfilment, I wish you the very best in your journey to success.


MDIS Governing Council