Why Study at MDIS

Why Study in Singapore?

  • Singapore is well-known for its educational excellence
  • A metropolitan city with rich multicultural heritage, and ranked 2nd in The Economist’s Safe Cities Index
  • A great place for food lovers to enjoy a wide range of cuisines from different ethnic groups
  • Explore the thriving arts and culture scene, plus the cosmopolitan retail experience
  • With an integrated transport system and a world-class airport, students can look forward to enhanced access to countries within Asia Pacific

Why Study with MDIS?

MDIS: A Pioneer in Education

Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is the country’s oldest professional institute for lifelong learning. It is also a leading private institute in the country.

Students from more than 50 countries

Gain an international perspective of Singapore through the eyes of different cultures and traditions. Expand your network to better opportunities in the workforce.

Variety of academic programmes to suit different interests

We partner with globally-recognised universities from:

  • Australia;
  • France;
  • United Kingdom; and
  • United States of America

We have programmes in the fields of:

  • Business and Management;
  • Engineering;
  • Fashion Design;
  • Health and Nursing;
  • Information Technology;
  • Life Sciences;
  • Mass Communications;
  • Psychology; and
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Holistic Education

Apart from the academic curricula, students can also:

  • Join special interest groups such as Toastmasters Club, Dance Club, and Photography Club
  • Join sports interest groups such as Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Cricket Club and Soccer Club
  • Acquire soft skills to enhance interpersonal relationships in preparation for the working world

MDIS Facilities

The Wifi-enabled MDIS Campus in Stirling Road occupies a three-hectare land area with the following facilities:

  • 15-storey eco-friendly hostel on campus
  • Life sciences and computer laboratories
  • Hospitality training centre
  • TV and radio production studios
  • Engineering laboratory and workshops
  • Fashion studio
  • Gymnasium, dance studio and badminton court
  • Cafeteria
  • 24-hour convenience store on campus
  • Nearby amenities such as sports complex and swimming pool