Student's Pass Application

How to Apply

International students are required to apply for a student pass if he/she wishes to study full-time in Singapore.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents to MDIS:

  • 1 recent passport-size photographs of the applicant (against white background)
  • 1 copy of Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) e-Form 16 for online student visa application
  • Photocopy of applicant's passport pages showing his/her particulars and travel document's date of validity. (At least 1 year)
  • Photocopy of applicant's Birth Certificate / Affidavit
  • Photocopy of applicant's Certified/Notarized copy of Education Results/Certificates and Transcripts ( with detailed results)
  • Photocopy of the student pass (For applicants transferred from other schools in Singapore) or Notification for Cancellation of Student Pass, Visit pass and Embarkation Form.
  • Must show proof of English Medium Study/First Placement Test Attempted/IELTS/TOEFL
  • Photocopy of financial ability. (e.g. bank statement, fixed deposit/savings account)
    Note: Visa Required Country only (E.g. minimum amount of RMB150,000 for PRC only)
  • Proof of parent's occupation (PRC only)
  • University Matriculation Form (if applicable)
  • Letter by applicant indicating interest to study with MDIS (study plan/statement of purpose)
    Note: For Master programmes only
  • *Notarized English translations are needed if documents are in other languages.

The MDIS application form shall be accompanied by the registration fee of SGD 481.50 (inclusive of 7% GST) payable either by cash, cheque, credit card of Demand Draft(DD)/Telegraphic Transfer(TT) from the student.

For TT payment, applicants can transfer the payment to the MDIS Singapore Bank Account of the following details:

BRANCH Marina Bay Financial Centre Branch
12 Marina Boulevard,
Level 3, Marina Bay
Financial Centre Tower 3,
Singapore 018982
ACCOUNT NO. 003-911274-2

Applicants are required to indicate their name and passport number on the TT slip and to fax it over to MDIS at (65) 67967778.

Applicants are required to submit the documents at least two months prior to the course commencement date. Applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while his/her application is being considered by the ICA. No extension of stay will be granted while the application is under processing.

Processing Time

The general processing time for a new application is approximately four weeks upon the receipt of a duly completed application by the ICA, however some applications may take a longer time to process.

Application Outcome

All applicants will be informed with regards to the outcome of their application.

Applicants have to call in person with a valid immigration pass to collect his/her Student Pass only after the application has been approved. The Student Pass will only be issued if the conditions as stipulated in the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter are fulfilled.

Documents Required for Collection Of Student's Pass

  • ICA In-Principal Approval (IPA) Letter
  • Passport/Travel document with a valid Visit Pass and a copy of the personal particulars page
  • Passport size photograph (against a white background)
  • Original Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original Educational Qualifications (if applicable)

      Documents to be uploaded to ICA system prior collection of student's pass:

  • ICA Medical Report Form and the original copy of the laboratory report (To upload to the ICA System)
  • Payment of SGD 90 (SGD 30 for multiple entry + SGD 60 issuance fee), excluding students from Malaysia and Brunei. (Payment to the ICA System)

Cancellation of Student Passes

Foreign students are required to surrender their Student Pass cards to MDIS for cancellation within 7 days of the date of cessation or termination of their study.

MDIS will assist the international students on the cancellation of their Student Passes via the e-Cancellation

Change of Local Address

According to the Immigration Regulations 19(3)(b), international students are required to report any changes in his/her address in Singapore within 14 days of such change.

International students are required to inform MDIS on the change of his/her local address and the institute will submit his/her request via e-Update of Address.

Replacement of Loss Student Pass

International students who have lost their Student's Pass and/or the Visit Pass and Disembarkation/Embarkation cards are required to apply for a replacement within 7 days of the date of loss.

The students may call in person at the ICA Student's Pass Unit with the following documents:

  • Valid travel document and a photocopy of the personal biodata page;
  • A letter from the school stating that the applicant is currently a registered student of the school;
  • Duly completed eForm 16 and signed by the applicant; and
  • Original copy of the Police report

The processing time for first time replacement of lost cards is 2 weeks while the processing time for subsequent losses is 4 weeks.

MDIS Application Form Download