Higher Diploma Courses in Singapore

Wondering what is a higher diploma? A higher diploma is an academic award given by a university, college, tertiary institution, post-secondary institution or equivalent. It is on the same level as an associate degree or diploma/advanced diploma, but below a bachelor's degree.

A higher diploma will not only aid in you acquiring new skills that will assist you in your work life, but it will also help you gain a competitive edge over others in the same field as you. By taking up a higher diploma, you gain required skills and deepen your subject knowledge – effectively making you job-ready much faster.

If you are looking to pursue a Degree or a Master’s, taking up a higher diploma can grant you greater access into other education institutes in Singapore and universities abroad as well. A higher diploma serves as a strong stepping stone into higher-level studies in Singapore. Armed with a good foundation of the subject matter as well as practical skills, your attainment of a higher diploma in the field you specialise in will give you a good head start into the career you aspire towards.

Take Up A Higher Diploma In Your Specialisation

MDIS offers a range of higher diploma programmes across several fields in Singapore. Interested students can choose from a myriad of excellent courses to pursue a higher diploma in any of the following fields: Mass Communications, Fashion Design & Marketing, Psychology, Information Technology & Cybersecurity, and Tourism & Hospitality.

Getting into that dream job is made easier once you have all the required qualifications and skills in place. In today’s competitive job market, attaining subject knowledge is but only a small part of the equation. Employers are no longer just looking for subject expertise but they are on the lookout for individuals who possess problem-solving skills and the ability to express themselves well. Our higher diploma courses in Singapore are designed to equip students with transferrable skills in communication and analysis. Graduates of MDIS are capable of adapting to different work environments and requirements, and are often well-sought after by employers.

Go with MDIS for an Industry-Relevant Higher Diploma of Your Choice

As a professional institute for lifelong learning in Singapore, our higher diploma programmes are designed to produce future-ready graduates with a set of skills that are also transferrable across jobs.

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