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Academic Staff

We currently have a pool of about 300 part-time and 29 full-time lecturers.

  1. Dr Alby Anand Kurian
  2. Dr Klare Lai Qiuwen
  3. Dr Melissa Neo
  4. Dr Ng Wei Ling
  5. Dr Rajarshi Sankar Ray
  6. Dr Sukumar Ponnusamy
  7. Dr Sunesh Keecheril Augustine
  8. Dr Tan Kim Piew
  9. Dr Yew Yong Kin
  10. Mr Ajay Kumar Pillai
  11. Mr Amir Singh
  12. Mr Aw Boon Tien
  13. Mr Darwin Joseph
  14. Mr Gerson C. Lapid Jr.
  15. Mr Goh Chye Yeow Terence
  16. Mr Jabines Christopher Bello
  17. Mr Kenny Kuek Kia Hwee
  18. Mr Lawrence Lai Chin Loong
  19. Mr Muhd Fuadi Bin Rahmat
  20. Mr Tan Kien Chiang Andy
  21. Mr Yap Kian Wee
  22. Ms Irene Lee Ailing
  23. Ms Kestina Rai
  24. Ms Kym Low Lee Hong
  25. Ms Manian Latha Prithvirajan Latha
  26. Ms Margaret Pereira
  27. Ms Marina Binte Abdul Rahim
  28. Ms Puspananthiny Kesevan
  29. Ms Wendy Thuzar Wynn Tint
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