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Importance of English Language Courses in Singapore


Basic English Language skills are a must for every student and citizen not just in Singapore but all over the world. Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking English are skills that prove invaluable for professional success. This being true, English is not the most spoken language in the world. It is the language of business and language of communication which enables entities around the globe to communicate with each other in an efficient and trustworthy manner.  

That is why there is a need for English language Schools to effectively teach students and professionals English Language and Business English Communication. 

The MDIS School of Languages and Education (SLE) caters to students who wish to advance their career with specialised English Language courses, Business English courses, business communication courses or English Language degree programs and professional certificates. Our English language courses are within the recommended ‘Adopting the Teaching Excellence Framework’ which aims at developing the four key areas of Learning Experience, Learning Environment and Learning Outcomes. SLE English courses are designed to impart to students with all the key language skills to enhance their confidence and self-esteem in any setting. 


Bangor University, UK
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Business English Courses, English Language Certificates from SLE

MDIS SLE is not just a language institute, rather, it focuses on the all-around development of students to enhance their personality through encouraging their innate skills and traits like leadership skills, communication skills, creative thinking and expression, and excellence in everything they do. In addition to basic English language courses, we now also offer a Master of Arts Education Studies course from Bangor University, UK. Students looking to enhance their language proficiency or interested in a teaching degree or certificate can find a course ideal for them from our list of modern language courses. Please go through the details of our Certificate in English (for Secondary/Post Secondary Education), Professional Certificate (for Tertiary Education) in English courses and contact us for more information or enrolment procedure. 


Our professors and lecturers are passionate about and creative with innovative teaching methods to bring out the best language communication in students from all cultural backgrounds and diverse linguistic profiles. They understand that learning English may not always come easily to students for whom it is a second or even third language. The complexities of learning a foreign language are addressed with expert insight to make students comfortable and confident while they learn English here at MDIS SLE