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Higher Diploma Courses in Singapore

Once you have attained your Diploma, you might already be wondering about the next step you can take in furthering your studies. A Higher Diploma allows you to pursue in-depth or specialist knowledge of your chosen field, discipline, or subject. Not only does this make you more job-ready as you can stand out from your peers, but it is an important stepping stone if you wish to pursue higher education or other higher-level courses such as an Advanced Diploma later in life.

MDIS offers a variety of Higher Diploma courses in Singapore for local and international students alike. Our Higher Diploma courses enrich your academic journey by providing both in-depth content-based knowledge, and the interdisciplinary skills needed to hone your cognitive, analytical, and critical thinking capabilities.


Higher Diploma in Information TechnologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time
Higher Diploma in Information Technology and Cybersecurity  NewAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time
Higher Diploma in Mass CommunicationsAwarded By: MDISFull Time
Higher Diploma in PsychologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time

How a Higher Diploma can Advance your Studies and Career

As more people achieve Diplomas or Bachelor’s Degrees, employers are gradually seeing these academic achievements as the baseline requirement for hiring or even job advancement. This makes a Higher Diploma more relevant in today’s competitive society than ever before, by providing you with deeper analytical skills that are both applicable and transferable to the workplace.

A Higher Diploma can also help you gain a better chance of pursuing the next level of study of your choice, allowing you to pursue more varied higher education options such as a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or a Master of Business Administration.

MDIS Higher Diploma programmes in Singapore cover popular fields such as Mass Communications, Psychology, Information Technology, and Tourism & Hospitality – all of which remain competitive and employable worldwide despite shifts in the global economy. 

Why Pursue your Higher Diploma in Singapore with MDIS?

Singapore’s reputation for academic rigour precedes it on the world stage, making it an ideal and conducive environment for furthering your studies. Attaining a Higher Diploma in Singapore not only grants you internationally-recognised academic credentials, but also allows you to network and build connections with hundreds of talented peers, students, and associates both on- and off-campus.

MDIS is the oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning in Singapore, with a focus on business knowledge and management. Our courses have been set up in conjunction with renowned universities from the UK and USA, providing you with exposure to both worldwide talent and knowledge, and rich local culture of academic excellence.

MDIS offers full-time* Higher Diploma courses in Singapore taught by our dedicated and experienced team of associates and lecturers. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive a Higher Diploma certificate in their respective field or discipline.

* Part-time Higher Diploma programmes are currently not available for international students.