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Study A-Level In Singapore With MDIS

Do you have a plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree from a renowned international university? Nowadays, various universities make the GCE A-Level certificate the admission criteria. In the fast-paced environment, most institutions and organisations demand a high level of qualification to be eligible for their programmes. It is essential for you to have a  globally recognised qualification.

Is A-Level Certificate Necessary In Singapore?

A-Level is a pre-university programme based on the UK education system in Singapore. The GCE A-Level prepares you for a university degree by exposing you to an in-depth curriculum of specific subjects. Students who have completed their GCE O-Level with acceptable results and want to pursue higher studies from local or international universities can enrol in the Preparatory Course for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level). The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the Ministry of Education, Singapore and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) jointly conduct an examination known as the Singapore Cambridge General Certificate Of Education (Advanced Level). You can skip the programme if you already have a GCE A-Level Certificate or you want to study in a local university where GCE A-Level is not mandatory. 

After passing the examination, you will get a GCE A-Level Certificate in Singapore with MDIS, which is recognised internationally. Any private A-Level candidate in Singapore who meets the eligibility criteria can gain admission into a local or international university. 

Why Choose A-Level In Singapore At MDIS?

There are various reasons which make the A-Level programme an ideal choice for the students. It is considered one of the highest standards for pre-university qualifications. If you are looking for a scholarship, the A-Level is used to benchmark academic achievement as a highly recognised qualification. The GCE A-Level is a recognised qualification that is not only accepted by institutions but it is also accepted by local and international business organisations. 

MDIS has an experienced and professional faculty for A-Level preparation in Singapore. During the A-Level programme, you have to choose subjects of your interest that offer you to gain in-depth knowledge of the specific subjects. The subjects are taught independently and logically during your studies which better prepares you for your career goals. The A Level grading comprises two levels of syllabi; the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Two (A2) contribute 50% towards the final A-Level grade. The MDIS offers the A-Level programme for both local and international students in Singapore.

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