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Foundation Diploma in Singapore

The Foundation Diploma offered by MDIS aims to prepare prospective international students in Singapore for transition into higher education like a Degree or Masters programme. By equipping students with the fundamental skills and knowledge, they are more set for success in their chosen area of related disciplines as well as in their careers. 

Our foundation diploma programmes aim to provide students with creative, critical thinking, computational, communication skills, and more. In doing so, our students can make better-informed decisions in selecting from various specialisations offered at MDIS. 

What’s more, our foundation diploma programmes also aim to give our students one of the best possible preparations for a head start in their careers and prepare them for further study. Graduates of our foundation diploma in Singapore will be able to understand basic underlying academic concepts and principles associated with broader disciplines of Business, Engineering, Fashion & Design, Technology, Psychology, Media & Communications, Tourism & Hospitality, and Biomedical Sciences.

What Can International Students Expect From The Foundation Diploma?

Having an international foundation diploma from a recognised educational institute in Singapore is a good stepping stone toward higher-level studies. It is also an effective way of paving greater career prospects in both Singapore as well as abroad. Attaining a good set of transferable skills together with basic subject knowledge, our students can feel at ease with undergraduate studies in the near future. 

Here is what you can expect from enrolling in our Foundation Diploma Programme in Singapore: 

• Increased eligibility to progress into the Diploma programmes

• An understanding of basic theoretical concepts of the subject area as well as improved communication skills for relevant subject discussions. 

• Industrial skills and knowledge can be applied to various situations as well as contexts. 

Whilst the foundation diploma programme offered by MDIS Singapore may be a first step towards obtaining your diploma of choice in the discipline of interest, graduates will also be equipped to enter an employment role. 

Why Is A Foundation Diploma Worth It? 

Taking a foundation diploma in Singapore is worth your time and effort especially when it helps you prepare for further studies at a higher level – you will be able to keep up and do better in your undergraduate studies later. Aside from that, the foundation diploma programme is also an alternative for students who are not able to get into their preferred universities. Not only does this level the playing field for students, it also takes them a step closer to the career they desire. 

Advance your career and reach for your dreams. Apply for a Foundation Diploma in Singapore with MDIS today and open doors to new opportunities.