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IT course in Singapore by MDIS School of Technology 

The MDIS School of Technology (SOT) brings to you a range of  IT courses for students eager to become IT professionals in Singapore. Our IT courses include a broad spectrum of IT topics that are the most sought after by the global IT industry. One of the highly crucial subject is cyber security. The internet, for all its magical powers and functionalities, also brings with it a series of problems like data theft, cyberattacks and malware attacks. Cyber security is the weapon that keeps sensitive data – for individuals, companies, mega-corporations, organisations and even nations – safe from prying eyes. Data can and has proven to be a vulnerable asset that can be used to manipulate and blackmail anyone and everyone, and thus, the role of cybersecurity continues to grow in value with each passing day. 

MDIS SOT Information Technology Courses in Singapore

For our IT courses, we ensure students are not short on choice when it comes to acquiring knowledge and skills as IT professionals. MDIS School of Technology Singapore opens up opportunities for students to acquire robust IT education with courses from reputable universities Teesside University, UK. Our broad spectrum of courses focuses on a comprehensive IT education with programs starting with an IT diploma going up to a Master’s Degree in IT.

Additionally, in alignment with the Singapore government’s ‘SMART NATION’ initiative, students have an opportunity to learn the latest in subjects such as Data Science, Computer and Network Technology, Computer Security, Cloud Computing, Data Centre Virtualisation, and Information Technology. All these technologies are motors that power the giant IT mechanisms and systems of the world today, and any IT professional with in-depth, accurate knowledge of these is a precious find for the global IT industry. These IT courses in Singapore are carefully designed so that students get plenty of practical knowledge and handling of the respective technologies to ensure that their skills meet the current challenges of the IT and digital world. 

Select from our range of courses including Master of Science Cybersecurity, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology.


Teesside University, UK
Master of Science Cybersecurity  NewAwarded By: Teesside University, UKFull TimePart Time


Teesside University, UK
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks  NewAwarded By: Teesside University, UKFull TimePart Time
Teesside University, UK
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Information Technology  NewAwarded By: Teesside University, UKFull TimePart Time

Higher Diploma

Higher Diploma in Information TechnologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time
Higher Diploma in Information Technology and Cybersecurity  NewAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time

International Foundation Diploma

The lecturers of MDIS SOT are themselves industry leaders and innovators dedicated to improving the technologies and services that are at the heart of the IT revolution. They understand the value that a unique set of skills can bring to the IT landscape not just in Singapore, but all across the globe. Indeed, once a student completes one of our IT courses, employment opportunities can be abundantly found in some of the most rewarding roles in the IT industry.