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Advanced Diploma Courses in Singapore

Pursuing an Advanced Diploma is an important stepping stone to helping you further both your academic and career goals. Advanced Diploma courses allow you to deepen and specialise your subject knowledge in your specific field, giving you more refined qualifications compared to your peers. This can be useful when applying for further local or international higher education courses such as university degrees, or in helping your resume or CV stand out from the pool of applicants.

MDIS offers Advanced Diploma courses in Singapore for students who have achieved an existing Diploma certification. Our Advanced Diploma courses are crafted in tandem with partner institutions to offer students a quality education in a wide range of disciplines and subjects, so that you can find the right course to suit your academic and career objectives and needs.


Why Pursue an Advanced Diploma Course with MDIS?

In today’s competitive world – whether in an academic or work setting – many Diploma holders are finding that their qualifications are simply not enough to help them stand out from the crowd. With more people pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees and postgraduate degrees such as Master’s Degrees, it can feel difficult to remain relevant and employable if you do not plan to pursue any university studies at the moment.

Our Advanced Diploma courses can give you further training in industry-relevant skills such as Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, or Supply Chain Management to supplement your existing qualifications. These are skills and specialties that are essential to advance your career into managerial or supervisory roles, or to pursue more options for higher studies within your field such as a Higher Diploma. By combining practical and content-based knowledge skills, our courses ensure that you are ready to face any number of real-world challenges and situations with the confidence you need to succeed.

MDIS is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning, with a focus on business knowledge and future-ready skills. Our courses are tailored to equip students with real-world understandings and applications of their chosen disciplines, and we also accept mature candidates as well who wish to pursue professional upskilling mid-career.

MDIS Advanced Diploma Courses in Singapore

Singapore is globally known for its academic excellence and focus on meaningful upskilling and lifelong learning. This makes it an ideal location to pursue your further studies, and to expose yourself to key strategic collaborations both locally and in the Asian and Southeast Asian regions.

MDIS offers full-time* Advanced Diploma courses at our Singapore campus taught by an experienced and dedicated team of associates and lecturers. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive an Advanced Diploma in their respective field or discipline.

* Part-time Advanced Diploma courses are not available for international students