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Psychology courses in Singapore With MDIS

The MDIS School of Psychology offers comprehensive programmes for students interested in understanding the psychological factors and complexity of the mind. Not only in Singapore but also worldwide, psychology courses are among the most preferred choices for students. The MDIS School of Psychology curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of mind and human behaviour that is the foundation of psychology and its place in social sciences. It also aims to stimulate their curiosity about human behaviour by providing the necessary skills set to understand human behaviours. Students pursuing psychology courses in MDIS  Singapore can apply what they have learned in the psychology curriculum to further professional or postgraduate studies.


University of Roehampton, UK
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychological and Behavioural Science  NewAwarded By: University of Roehampton, UKFull TimePart Time

Higher Diploma

Higher Diploma in PsychologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time

International Foundation Diploma

International Foundation Diploma in PsychologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time


Why choose MDIS School of Psychology?

The MDIS School of Psychology is a renowned institute in Singapore that provides various programmes for students interested in Psychology. Whether you want to pursue a short psychology course, a diploma psychology course, or a certificate in psychology, MDIS is the one-stop solution for all psychology courses in Singapore. With a combination of coursework and assessments, the psychology courses provide students with the necessary skills to understand human behaviour and become professional consultants in the psychology field. 


Regardless of your current educational qualifications, the MDIS School of Psychology has a programme suitable for you. If you want to create a good foundation for a career in psychology, pursuing a higher diploma is available for you. Or if you already have a strong foundational knowledge of psychology you can enhance your skills with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Singapore. Enhance your learning with MDIS School of Psychology and become future professionals in the leading segment of today’s world psychology.


The MDIS psychology courses are comprehensive in different fields of applied psychology, including counselling, leadership & development, organisational psychology, marketing and business psychology. Our curriculum delivers major psychological theories to students, including transferable communication skills like academic and research writing skills, statistical analysis, communication skills, and more. In the JobsCentral Learning Training & Educational Development Awards 2016 and 2017, the MDIS School of Psychology won the Best & Gold Standard Private Institution for Psychology. 


The MDIS School of Psychology provides a comprehensive learning experience that covers the foundation knowledge of the five elements of Psychology which includes Cognitive, Clinical, Social, Developmental, and Biological. Boost your career in psychology with MDIS and explore various career opportunities globally. Enquire about various courses available at MDIS School of Psychology and create a strong career path forward with the holistic education provided