Certificate in English (for Secondary / Post-Secondary Education)Awarded by: MDIS

Programme Objective 

By the end of the 6 months, students should be able to:

  • Develop students'confidence in using the target language for daily communication and academic work
  • Use a range of simple and appropriate words, phrases and expressions to convey meaning
  • Follow points in discussion on familiar everyday topic
  • Negotiate turn-taking in conversations on familiar topics and topics of immediate environment
  • Understand short, simple texts on familiar topics and topics of immediate environment
  • Produce 3 to 5 paragraphs on familiar topics and topics of immediate environment
  • Give reasons and explanations both in spoken and written form


This programme contains 4 components undertake by all students and the details of which are given below:





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Duration & Intakes

 Duration  Commencement  Completion
 6 Months  January 2022  July 2022
 April 2022  October 2022
 July 2022  January 2023
 October 2022  April 2023


Fees & Structure

 Tuition Fees  Non-tuition Fees
 S$4,173.00 (per level)  S$1,450.00 - S$2,800.00

Application fees: S$481.50


# All application fees are non-refundable.
# All fees quoted are inclusive of GST.
# International: Non-tuition fees for full-time programmes include MDIS membership entrance fee, membership subscription fees, MDIS experience workshop, PCIE exam fee, medical insurance, medical examination and administrative fee.
# Non-tuition fees for international students may vary.
# Non-tuition fees are non-refundable, refer to MDIS refund policy for more details.


Entry Requirements

All applicants must be of age 12 and above

At least completed PSLE or Primary School Education or its equivalent

English Language Requirements

Student who does not meet the minimum requirement of MDIS's English Placement Test (66 marks)

Achieve a minimum score of 20 marks and above in Duolingo English Test


Application Procedure

International student is required to apply for a student pass if he/she wishes to study full-time in Singapore.

Applicant is required to submit the following documents to MDIS:

MDIS Application Form

  • 4 recent passport-size photographs of the applicant. (against white background)
  • 1 copy of Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) e-Form 16
  • Copy of applicant's passport pages showing his/ her particulars and travel and travel document's date of validity. (At least 1 year)
  • Copy of applicant's Birth Certificate / Affidavit
  • Copy of applicant's Certified / Notarised copy of Education Results/Certificates and Transcripts ( with detailed results)
  • Copy of the student pass (For applicants transferred from other schools in Singapore) or Notification for Cancellation of Student Pass, Visit pass and Embarkation Form.
  • Must show proof of English Medium Study / First Placement Test Attempted / IELTS / TOEFL
  • Copy of financial ability. (e.g. bank statement, fixed deposit / saving account ) • Visa Required Country only (E.g. minimum amount of RMB150,000 for PRC only)
  • Proof of parent's occupation (PRC only)
  • University Matriculation Form (if applicable)
  • Letter by applicant indicating interest to study with MDIS (study plan/ statement of purpose) for Master programmes

*Notarized English translations are needed if documents are in other languages.

For more enquiries, please contact us at 6278 8000 or email us at ib@mdis.edu.sg.

MDIS permits students to pay their course fee in instalments. An administrative charge of S$107.00 (inclusive of GST) will be levied on each late instalment payment of the course fee. Fees are payable upon confirmation and acceptance of the place in the programme before the programme commencement.

You may pay your fee by cash, NETS, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or by cheque or through our financial assistance scheme.If payment is by cheque, please indicate the details of the programme applied for on the back of the cheque, stating clearly you personal particulars and company name. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are inclusive of GST.

Please note that under the Private Education Act, all students will enter into a Fee Protection Scheme contract with MDIS.


Student Pass Application

International students are required to apply for a student pass if he/she wishes to study full-time in Singapore. Please click here for detail information.

For any programme enquiries, please contact our friendly consultants:

Mr Darren Yap | Mobile/WhatsApp: +65 8183 8104 | Email: darren_yapme@mdis.edu.sg

Mr Douglas Koh | Mobile/WhatsApp: +65 9430 1901 | Email: douglas_kohfb@mdis.edu.sg

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Quick Information

Course Duration
6 months (11 weeks per level)

Commencement Dates

Jan 2022
Apr 2022
Jul 2022
Oct 2022

Contact Details

Local students:

+65 6247 9111

International students:
Main Hotline:

+65 6278 8000

+65 6796 7005

+65 6796 7009