01 Jan 1970

The Journal of Business, Sciences & Technology (JBST) 2022 features the following articles:

Implementing English Curriculum in Vietnam: Exploring Four Teachers’ Narrative Experience
by Mr Ajay Kumar Pillai, Ms Margaret Pereira, Mr Jasper Roe, Mr Luong Khanh Luong

An Exploratory Study of the Ability, Motivation and Opportunity (AMO) Theory Framework on Top Millennial Achievers in the Financial Planning Industry
by Mr Joshua Luke

How Diet Affects Us Mentally From an Epigenetic Point of View
by Dr Gunjan Mukerji

The War of Currents, AC or DC? by Dr Kang Kok Hin

Should Adult Education Be Primarily Characterised By Social Reproduction Or Dialogue? An Analysis by Dr Alby Anand Kurian

The Paradoxes of Autonomy and Flexibility in Remote Work by Ms Reshma Muralidharan

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