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President's Message


“As we embark on our regional expansion plans, I am confident that MDIS will continue to be an institution of academic excellence and a global provider of internationally renowned education programmes.”

MDIS celebrated 2015 with significant achievements despite the slowing global economy and competition from the growing private education sector.

On the financial front, MDIS achieved a financial surplus of about S$12.7 million before donations and taxes. This was the result of our concerted efforts in managing the Institute prudently, coupled with our relentless pursuit of high academic quality. These efforts have enabled us to achieve commendable operational and infrastructural growth in Singapore and our three overseas venture campuses.


MDIS’ global presence has been extended into new frontiers with the VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VELS University) in Chennai, India through a joint venture to set up MDIS-VELS India, where students will study diploma programmes in business, management and other disciplines including hospitality, tourism, information technology and mass communications. This will be MDIS’ third overseas campus, with the first in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and the second at EduCity in Johor, Malaysia.

MDIS Tashkent

MDIS Tashkent has shown commendable achievements. True to its graduation motto Spread Your Wings and
Conquer New Heights
, MDIS Tashkent celebrated its fifth graduation ceremony in October 2015 with more than 300 students graduating from the Southern Cross University (Australia), University of Wales (UK) and University of Sunderland (UK). The institute also saw an increase in student population. More than 2,500 students enrolled at MDIS Tashkent in 2015. To meet the growing student enrolment, MDIS Tashkent has embarked on an expansion of its campus facilities as it continues to gain greater academic stature in Uzbekistan and Central Asia for being a provider of quality education. 

MDIS Malaysia

The MDIS Malaysia campus at EduCity, Johor has been gearing up in 2015 and will open its doors to students when it completes its first phase of construction. More than 300 students are currently studying at MDIS Malaysia's City Campus at City Square. These students will move to the new campus when it opens. Additionally, in line with MDIS’ Green Campus philosophy, the eco and disabled-friendly integrated campus will have sustainable green features that will reap energy and water savings.

As part of MDIS’ Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to nurture talent, Merit Achievement awards were granted to 24 outstanding students. Under the scheme, students are eligible for a RM1,000 scholarship on course fees for every “A” grade they achieve at the SPM level. Awarded in recognition of their outstanding results, the maximum pay-out for the Merit Achievement awards for each student was capped at RM6,000. In addition, the Wawasan (Vision) Scholarship Awards were also awarded to two students.

Our Achievements in 2015:

a. Service Class Certification

Singapore Service Class Certification was awarded to MDIS by SPRING Singapore in June 2015 to acknowledge MDIS’ commendable performance in service excellence.

b. Enterprise 50 Awards

MDIS was awarded the Enterprise 50 Award in November 2015 in recognition of MDIS’ contributions and resilience in spurring Singapore’s economy. This award honours visionary companies for embracing the true spirit of enterprise in the competitive business arena. 

c. Vibrant Campus Life

At MDIS, we empower students to be lifelong learners with the knowledge, social skills and values to thrive in their careers. We also inspire them to be caring individuals in society. In this regard, a new series of bronze statues embodying holistic, academic, professional and career success were placed at the inner courtyard of MDIS Campus in 2015. These statues serve to encourage students to enjoy a unique learning experience and a vibrant campus life.

Community Spirit

As part of its sixth year of joint efforts with Jalan Kayu constituency, MDIS distributed S$30,000 worth of groceries and supermarket vouchers to 150 needy families during the annual Jalan Kayu Family Day event. Each family received a total of S$200 each – S$30 worth of groceries and S$170 in cash vouchers. The MDIS - Jalan Kayu Heartstrings Programme seeks to lessen the burden of the less privileged at Jalan Kayu constituency and ensure the well-being of society at large.

Record Achievement of First Class Honours in 2015

MDIS has produced 139 First Class Honours graduates from the cohorts of the University of Bradford (UK), University of Wales (UK) and the University of Sunderland (UK) programmes. This achievement has reflected an 11% increase in First Class Honours graduates over last year’s cohort, and endorsed MDIS’ high academic standards. It is also a reflection of the hard work and commitment by students who have benefitted from MDIS’ excellent teaching and learning systems that have been instituted in collaboration with its university partners.

In Appreciation

On behalf of the Governing Council, I thank our Patron, Trustees, Senate Members and Academic Advisory Board members for their steadfast support and invaluable contributions to the success of MDIS.

I would also like to thank the management, staff, lecturers, university partners, students and other stakeholders for their contributions and support for MDIS. Each of these stakeholders has played a crucial part in making MDIS an institute of high academic standing in delivering industryrelevant education programmes.

As we embark on our regional expansion plans, I am confident that MDIS will continue to be an institution of academic excellence and a global provider of internationally renowned education programmes.

Dr Eric Kuan
MDIS Governing Council

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