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Life Sciences & Biomedical Engineering Courses Singapore

The study of life sciences is vital to understand the composition and function of living organisms. Research into biomedical sciences and biotechnology helps the medical industry to focus on and develop effective medicines and medical devices to improve the quality and longevity of human life. The last two years have proved that the ever-present and newly discovered challenges to human health in the form of chronic diseases and viruses continue to be a threat to our lives, happiness and progress. The global medical community needs to work constantly to develop cures and methods for prevention. The research and rapid developments in the field of genome sequencing, gene editing and personalised medicine have created manifold avenues and opportunities for those passionate about acquiring a life sciences degree. 


Northumbria University, UK

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biomedical ScienceAwarded By: Northumbria University, UKFull Time

Northumbria University, UK

Bachelor of Science (Hons) BiotechnologyAwarded By: Northumbria University, UKFull Time

International Foundation Diploma

Importance of a MDIS Life Sciences Degree Singapore

The courses at MDIS School of Life Sciences are ideal for every student who wishes to create a highly rewarding career in the field of biomedical engineering in Singapore. Developed by experts, our biology and life sciences courses hone students’ research skills through a hands-on approach to developing medical solutions. Our state-of-the-art biology and life sciences laboratories allow students to carry out path-breaking experiments in their quest towards becoming leading biomedical engineers and innovators. Our four laboratories are consistent in meeting the requirements for the bizSafe Level 3 certification in Singapore. As a part of our curriculum, we organise regular industrial visits and seminars so that students are up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the field. Students also have access to the unique club ‘Biognosy’ which is highly invaluable for students to take part in interactive workshops and training sessions to further develop their skills. The club also organises sessions and short workshops on topics that widen their awareness of social issues and medical challenges faced by society. 

Through our association with the prestigious Northumbria University (UK), courses focus on the most pertinent and latest global developments in the field of life sciences engineering and biological research. We impart our students not just the theory but also all the contemporary practical skills necessary to join the league of leading biomedical engineers and researchers in pursuit of excellence. Upon acquiring biomedical engineering degrees like the Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), or a diploma like the Foundation Diploma in Biomedical Sciences, MDIS students have a plethora of career options in front of them. Our courses and careful mentoring ensure they become highly skilled professionals ready to make their mark in the medical, healthcare and biomedical engineering industries