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Study Psychology in Singapore From Top Ranked Universities

The importance of the study of psychology has always been central to understanding human behaviour, relationships and our interactions with the world. The human mind remains largely a mystery even today to modern psychology and thus various psychology courses have been developed to explore this fascination with the human mind. Every aspect of our life is governed by our minds and our responses to the world around us. This interaction between the individual and the world invariably makes for some interesting observations. Studying psychology allows us to explore and explain these interactions so that we can have a better understanding of their effects on the body. Psychology is the key to solve several problems for adults and children alike – stress, depression, eating disorders, disorders of the nervous system, and more. 

MDIS School of Psychology works in tandem with global developments and research to offer psychology students unique and interesting streams to choose from including individual child psychology, applied psychology, counselling courses, and online psychology courses in Singapore. We also impart to our students’ knowledge and skills in subjects such as Forensic Psychology, Mental Health and Health Psychologyphilosophy, economics, and political science. We offer one of the most comprehensive and latest curriculum through our various courses. Through our partnership with the University of Roehampton (UK), our students can earn the degree of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychological and Behavioural Science to become successful professionals in the field of psychology and counselling.

Psychology Courses to Choose from at MDIS

Students can start with our International Foundation Diploma,  Higher Diploma in Psychology, and work their way up to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological and Behavioural Science from the University of Roehampton (UK). Our exhaustive curriculum gives students the most up-to-date knowledge of the five hallmarks of Psychology: Cognitive, Clinical, Social, Developmental and Biological. Our experts have developed methodologies aimed at imparting maximum knowledge and developing pragmatic thinking in students. 


University of Roehampton, UK
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychological and Behavioural Science  NewAwarded By: University of Roehampton, UKFull TimePart Time

Higher Diploma

Higher Diploma in PsychologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time

International Foundation Diploma

International Foundation Diploma in PsychologyAwarded By: MDISFull TimePart Time

Students’ skills are further sharpened with our modern psychology lab and counselling room where they cement their learning through research and practical application of the theories taught to them. Our psychology courses also fortify students’ learning with important real-life skills important for them to succeed as counselors and mentors. Our course methodology is carefully designed to develop qualities like empathy, compassion, good communication, analytical and logical reasoning, optimism, and strong problem-solving skills in our students. Our teaching faculty are all well-respected doctors in various specialties of psychology who understand the demands of an ever-changing and ever stressful world. With modern-day challenges like diseases, competitive work environments, stressful relationships, financial and health problems and much more, our teachers and professors are well equipped to familiarise students with real-world challenges and develop skills so that they can successfully help people to overcome their psychological problems.