25 Oct 2017

Upgrading to achieve successMDIS in the News

MDIS students pursue degrees for personal inspiration and better careers

Despite being from different backgrounds, they are united in the desire to upgrade themselves.

Miss Elisa Yap Li Lin, 25, and Madam Norida Saidi, 30, realised the need for continual learning.

After graduating with a Diploma in Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic in 2015, Miss Yap worked as a flight attendant for 2½ years.

She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business and Marketing (Top-up) degree programme awarded by the University of Sunderland, UK, and will graduate next March.

The programme teaches students about regional, national and international organisations and how they
are managed.

Students also acquire skills which prepare them for careers in commercial and not-for-profit organisations, as well as business start-ups.

Graduates can work in areas such as marketing management, research and communications.

Miss Yap said: “My priorities changed after my grandmother died last year. I wanted to spend more time with loved ones and to have a more challenging career.”

She added: “My parents encouraged me to pursue a bachelor’s degree, so I chose to study at MDIS. It can give me a competitive edge and help with my career transition.”

Madam Norida, a Nanyang Polytechnic graduate, worked for several years and is now a part-time student at

She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management (Top-up) degree programme, also awarded by the University of Sunderland, UK.

Students are taught accounting and finance in regional, national and international organisations in the

They also learn about the key strategic decisions that businesses make, and appreciate how accounting and finance assist in making and evaluating those decisions.

The degree is relevant to the needs of organisations of all sizes, and graduates will add value to their professional employability and attractiveness.

Madam Norida, who has a four-year old son and a two-year-old daughter and is pregnant, has completed her exams and will graduate next year.

She said: “During my work, whenever I interviewed new staff for my department, I noticed that some of them
had accounting degrees from MDIS. I decided to apply there as it was near my workplace.

“My parents feel that I can always upgrade myself, no matter how old I am. My three older brothers welcomed my decision as they believe in upgrading themselves.”


Miss Yap, the youngest of three children of a finance manager and housewife, said: “The course duration and testimonies of past graduates encouraged me to enrol in MDIS.”

She added: “The institute also conducts workshops relevant to the workplace and the lecturers are experienced industry practitioners.”

Her favourite module is Strategic Management as it is crucial and vital in businesses and can be applied to any organisation.

She finds Managing Projects and Marketing Strategy to be challenging as they involve in-depth thinking and require more elaborate approaches for better analyses.

Madam Norida enjoys the calculations in her Strategic Management Accounting module, as well as the  Interaction during her Financial Markets module.

She said: “The most difficult modules are Contemporary Developments in Business and Management and Managing Projects as they are not accounting-related.”

When faced with difficulties, Miss Yap acts confidently and has faith in herself. She said: “There may be factors
that I am unable to control, but I can control how I respond to them. Standing firm in my beliefs during these situations will mould me to be a stronger person.

“I like to read books on self-improvement and extraordinary individuals for inspiration.”

Madam Norida is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve.

She said: “When I face a problem, I pray and let my tears flow. Family and friends can be present for you, but you have to mainly overcome the difficulties yourself.”


Madam Norida added: “My children also inspire me. I want them to see the best in me and do better than what I have achieved.

“Studying while I am pregnant gives me pride and confidence that my child will follow in my footsteps.”

After graduation, she will take a break before planning for her husband’s education.

Said Madam Norida, who may pursue a master’s degree later: “Being married with children should not stop anyone from furthering their studies.

“Get help if that is what you need to continue your education.

“Upgrades are essential as they will support our growth and development in our industries, so do not stop learning.”

She added: “If a course can help in your career development, go for it.”

Source: The New Paper, 25 Oct 2017 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. Click here to view PDF.