19 Oct 2019

Speech by Dr Wong Sin Yew, MDIS – Northumbria UniversitySpeeches

Good morning,

His Excellency Jawed Ashraf, High Commissioner of India, Singapore;

Members of the MDIS Governing Council Members;  

Dr Kevin Robertson, Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning & Teaching, (Health & Life Sciences), Northumbria University; 

Distinguished guests;

Graduands and parents; 

Ladies and gentlemen. 

1    A very warm welcome to the MDIS and Northumbria University Graduation Ceremony.  

2    On behalf of MDIS, I would like to congratulate all of the 89 graduands on their academic achievements, of which 28 are graduating with first class honours and 3 Masters with distinctions. Congratulations and all of you deserve a round of applause for your achievements and conscientiousness that you have displayed throughout your course of study. 

3    Your academic success today is also attributed to others who have guided and supported you throughout your arduous academic journey.  Let’s take this opportunity to show your appreciation to your family, loved ones and lecturers for their untiring support.  Graduands, please give them a big round of applause to thank them for being your pillar of strength.

4    Your degree heralds the end of an era and the beginning of a new one as you embark on your career path. You will be stepping into a highly globalised, technology-driven and rapidly changing world. The knowledge and education that you have gained during your time here lays the foundation for the career path ahead of you. 

5    In order to sustain your knowledge and remain relevant, you need to continuously be ahead of the curve and embrace lifelong learning. Graduands, as you leave your alma mater, remember that the path forward hinges heavily on a continuous journey of self-reflection in order to reach for even higher goals. 

6    I must also underscore the importance of expanding your network and improving yourself professionally. Stay connected with the MDIS Alumni to gain access to a myriad of networking opportunities, knowledge and skills. 

7    Finally, remember that what you have learnt at MDIS is not limited to just hard skills and your textbooks. I urge you to tap on the values that MDIS has imbued in you. These values include diligence and striving for excellence.

8    In closing, my heartiest congratulations to each and every one of you on your academic success. I wish you the utmost best in your future endeavours. 
Thank you.