13 Jan 2018

Practice Makes PerfectMDIS in the News


MR MOHAMMAD Faridzwan Samsudin aspires to fly the skies with Singapore Airlines.

To prepare himself for a career as a cabin crew after his O levels, he enrolled in the International Foundation Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management, offered by the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS); and progressed to the Higher Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management last year.

The full-time 16-month programme comprises 10 months of study and six months of internship with hands-on practicum at MDIS’ on-campus Hospitality Training Centre.

Students can complete the internship at any of MDIS’ industry partners, which include leading hotels, resorts and local attractions in Singapore.

The programme aims to prepare graduates for future management roles and to facilitate their understanding of the core areas of management as well as acquire knowledge to handle the dynamic travel, tourism and hospitality environment.

Hands-on training

Mr Faridzwan, 21, says he was impressed by MDIS’ on-campus Hospitality Training Centre, known as Tropical Breeze, which equips students with professional knowledge and skills.

MDIS has a facility to train students in a hotel setting.

"There is a front desk, well-equipped bar counter facilities including for coffee-making, and a mock-up guest room with table setting and room setting so that we can prepare ourselves for the internship programme,” he says.

The 1,400 sq ft Tropical Breeze centre offers students the opportunity to learn and practise front Practice makes perfect MDIS student Mohammad Faridzwan Samsudin studies the art and science of hospitality and tourism to prepare himself for a high-flying career office, service and hospitality operations with the latest Opera Fidelio Property Management System, well-equipped bar counter facilities, and a mock-up guest room.

Getting it right in the hospitality and tourism industry goes beyond being book-smart.

“The Hospitality and Tourism programme is a challenging course as you need to get both the theory and practical right,” says Mr Faridzwan.

“In coffee-making, anyone will be able to memorise the steps to frothing milk. In reality, you really need to practise until you get it right."

“And in MDIS, everyone is given a chance to practise what they have learnt as much as they want,” he adds.

Plans for further studies

Transitioning from secondary school life to tertiary education was not without its challenges, says Mr Faridzwan, who will graduate in October this year.
He recalls that when he had to re-take a module, he was demoralised. But he cleared the re-test with support from friends.

Mr Faridzwan — who is juggling full-time studies with part-time work as a rider for food delivery service Deliveroo — plans to enrol in the Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management (Top-up) awarded by University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, after completing his higher diploma programme.

Source: The Straits Times, 13 January 2018 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission. Click here to view PDF.