25 Feb 2017

Nurturing hearts and mindsMDIS in the News

Aspiring teacher Afrosa Zahidha chooses MDIS to help her realise her dream

MS AFROSA Zahidha’s plan to pursue a teaching career came to a standstill when she was unable to enrol in a local university after her A levels.

But the 21-year-old found an alternative way to obtain a teaching degree and realise her dream. Through word of mouth, she got to know about the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) and took up its Advanced Diploma in Psychology after some research.

Ms Afrosa, who will be graduating in June, is appreciative of the conducive environment MDIS has created for students to study and learn.

Lessons at MDIS are conducted differently from the normal teaching pedagogy that she was used to in her GCE A-level curriculum.

Lectures are not “dry” as her dedicated and approachable teachers are skilful in engaging the class with discussions and activities to help students understand the topics better.

“My teachers have their own distinctive ways of conducting classes, which make the lessons interesting and enriching. They will not hesitate to repeat what they said and clear my doubts,” she adds.

Making an impact

“MDIS has always challenged me to become a better person,” says Ms Afrosa. “I believe what I learn here will help me grow as an individual and make a difference to my life.”

For instance, she has conquered her stage fright. With help and encouragement from her teachers, Ms Afrosa managed to step out of her comfort zone and overcome her fear when giving presentations to a roomful of people.

Having supportive classmates who look out for one another has enhanced her learning journey at MDIS.

One of her teachers, Mr Christopher Bello Jabines, has been especially inspiring. Like him, she wants to go beyond imparting knowledge and engage students better in order to make a lasting and positive impact.

“He told the class that he wants to be the teacher whom we will remember as having inspired us,
or even changed our life when we look back at our past. What he said reaffirmed my belief and ambition to become a teacher,” she says.

But most importantly, understanding herself better and improving her interpersonal skills will put her in good stead to connect with others at a personal and professional level in future.


Source: The Straits Times, 25 February 2017 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. Click here to view PDF.