27 Jul 2017

MDIS welcomes Government Delegation from Timor LesteLatest News

“You need to train 400 public servants well to build a nation,” shared Dr R Theyvendran, MDIS Secretary-General, in a meeting with public officials from Timor Leste. Dr Theyvendran was quoting the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of Singapore. The delegation was headed by Mr Isménio Martins da Silva, Secretary of Human Capital Development Fund, with government representatives overseeing Planning, Research and Monitoring; Human Resource; Information System; Procurement; and Payment. It was a lively exchange as Mr Isménio Martins da Silva and his delegation engaged Dr Theyvendran; Dr Kuan, MDIS President; and senior MDIS staff on public administration planning, manpower development and more. Dr Kuan spoke at length about the Public Administration course offered at MDIS. He also highlighted the importance of acquiring a Masters of Business Administration degree as such a programme helps develop future leaders. The MDIS Graduate Certificate Programme in Public Administration and Management was established with the aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of public sector employees. The current programme is specially designed to present new and modern concepts in management and practices specific to the public sector. It provides an overview of the key aspects of public administration, ranging from analysis, planning, management to globalisation; against a backdrop of today’s economic and political climate. The delegation was also invited on a tour of the MDIS campus and its facilities, visiting schools including Media and Communications, and Engineering. They were impressed by the expansive campus, well-equipped facilities and comprehensive range of courses MDIS offers in partnership with globally recognised Universities. As the visit concluded, Mr Isménio made it known that the government of Timor Leste would be keen to pursue a collaboration with MDIS.