10 Oct 2018

MDIS Tashkent GraduationLatest News

Dr Jasur Salikhov, Rector of MDIS Tashkent said, “Our youth have huge potential. Like them, our graduates create faith and a deep confidence for the peace and bright future of our country. They have acquired an international perspective which will help them to be successful in a highly diverse yet connected global world."

In his speech, MDIS President, Dr Eric Kuan urged graduands to keep up with digital technologies; think creatively and innovate at work; as well as embrace lifelong learning in order to stay relevant in today’s dynamic global economy. He also urged graduands to focus and build on their strengths to realise their goals.

Reflecting on their academic journey and future, graduates like Kurbonova Dilafruz Anvarjon qizi, from the MBA Supply Chain and Logistics programme, shared, “I know for a fact that my MBA qualifications will enable me to obtain a job at local and international companies. The challenges I faced during the programme helped me find my professional strengths, to succeed in a competitive and performance-orientated workplace. The wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences I have gained while at MDIS Tashkent are definitely assets for my future career.”

Another graduand, Kholikova Shakhnoza Mirkomil qizi from the MBA Finance programme added, “Without a doubt, studying at MDIS Tashkent has opened doors for us to develop our potential, including engaging with leaders in their fields and acquiring practical opportunities. Indeed, MDIS Tashkent had constantly challenged us through independent thinking, critical reasoning, and logical arguments. In addition, the community of students and alumni of the Master’s programmes is a source of learning and support.”

Our sincerest congratulations to all MDIS Tashkent graduates!