07 Aug 2019

MDIS students clinched top spots in National Cocktail Competition 2019Press Releases

MDIS students clinched top spots in National Cocktail Competition 2019 (Students Category) with drinks to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial


Singapore, July 23, 2019 – Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) students Miss Fannie Foo and Miss Lim Yuwan came closer to realising their dreams of creating concoctions as world-renowned as the Singapore Sling, when they took home the champion and second places respectively in the National Cocktail Competition 2019 (Students Category).  Their first time competing at national level, Fannie and Yuwan impressed the judges with their showmanship and scored high in taste and presentation for their mocktails inspired by Singapore.


“My drink, Bicentennial Breeze, was created with two things in mind: it must taste unique using commonly available ingredients and it needs to be a concoction suitable for any occasion in Singapore all year round. I also conceptualised the presentation based on what Singapore means to me – a green, sunny island brimming with happy moments,” said Fannie.


For Yuwan, the concept of ‘harmony’ is key to her concoction, SG200. “Singapore has come this far because of harmony despite being such a culturally diverse society. I wanted my drink to convey a harmonious blend by using a mix of fruit juices and ingredients. After many rounds of taste test, I finally found the five flavours that complemented each other.”


The recognition at the competition gives the two winners who are currently taking a Higher Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management a boost of confidence to further their interest in cocktail mixing. Aspiring to be a leading bartender in the near future, Fannie hopes to raise the bar in creative mixology as well as delivering outstanding customer experience – the two areas she considers the most enjoyable challenges of the profession.


Mr Isaac Joshua, Head of School for MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality, said, “It’s the first time that MDIS Tourism and Hospitality students participated in the National Cocktail Competition and we’re really encouraged by how motivated they were in preparing for it. Though not traditionally a choice career, the future of bartending in Singapore is exciting. The greatest  win for our students is not so much about getting awards but gaining an invaluable experience to understand the professionalism that goes into the craft.”


The two award-winning mocktails created in celebration of Singapore will be launched as part of the beverage offerings at student-run café, Brew and Bites, on National Day.


Photos of the competition are available for download from: