09 Dec 2019

MDIS School of Fashion’s maiden collaboration with Shunji MatsuoPress Releases

MDIS School of Fashion’s maiden collaboration with Shunji Matsuo in support of the Pink Ribbon Project

Singapore, 9 December 2019 - The MDIS School of Fashion and Design collaborated with Shunji Matsuo on the Shunji Matsuo Makeover Magic 2019 held on 29 October 2019. 

Makeover Magic’s objective is to celebrate the beauty of aging and also to give aging women the chance to feel stylish and confident once again. 

This year, Makeover Magic is also collaborating with the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore (BCF), a non-profit organisation, on their Pink Ribbon initiative. With a mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease, BCF also plays an active role in educating, raising awareness of breast cancer and providing support for women diagnosed with, and survivors of breast cancer as well as their families.

Acting Head of School of the MDIS School of Fashion and Design, Aven Kee, found this collaboration to be different from the previous ones.  “This collaboration was meaningful and created a huge opportunity for all our students to showcase their talent.  The execution is on a larger scale as compared to past projects.  Students not only submit their assignment, but also gained awareness on breast cancer.  Through such collaborations, students are better able to understand the value of their work and their contribution to the society,” said Aven Kee.

MDIS School of Fashion and Design students handcrafted outfits to create three different themed looks – Kimonos, Fashionista or Gowns with recyclable materials and reconstructed old costumes donated by Shunji Matsuo from the previous Makeover Magic showcases.  These outfits were either hand- or spray-painted to colour the garments pink, in support of the Pink Ribbon Project.

Some of the students painted, messages of hope for the ladies in the creations including “warrior” and “survivor”, to portray the irrepressible spirits of these breast cancer survivors.  “It was a pleasure working with the breast cancer survivors as their courage is so inspiring.  We worked closely with them on this project and encouraged them to be confident while modelling our creations too,” said Charis Tan, a final year student pursuing BA (Hons) in Fashion Design with MDIS.

They styled the breast cancer survivor models with the created outfits during the Pink Ribbon photoshoot at the Canon headquarters on 30 August 2019.  The photoshoot was also jointly supported by cosmetics and jewellery sponsors from Dr GL, The Make Up Room and Goldheart Jewellery. 

The Pink Ribbon creations by the Year 3 students were also showcased during the Shunji Matsuo Makeover Magic Fashion Show on 29 October 2019, together with the runway show presentation by Year 1 and Year 2 fashion design students. 

To determine the winner for the outfit creations from recyclable materials, an online public voting period was held prior to the Fashion Show and the winners were announced during the event itself. A panel of judges consisting of personnel from Shunji Matsuo, The Make Up Room and the Breast Cancer Foundation also weighed in on the decision for the overall winner. Our students Khvan Mariya, Nan Lao Tip Oo and Noh Yubin won the first prize with their collection entitled “Hope Love Life”.


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