23 Feb 2018

MDIS Rocks Shimmering Costumes and a Self-Built Mobile Structure for Chingay 2018Latest News

Some 60 local and international students from MDIS performed in the Chingay Parade this year, fully representing the international student community at MDIS. Students from Russia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore performed on 23 and 24 February at the F1 Pit Building.

For the first time since participating in Chingay four years ago, the MDIS contingent built its very own life-sized mobile ‘flying’ car, parts of which were 3D printed. The flying car captures our vision of the future of personal mobility and auto vehicles and also symbolises the “Future of Education”, encapsulating new innovations in technology (3D printing) and emerging disciplines (precision engineering).

Taking over 100 man-hours to conceptualise and fabricate, the flying car was a joint project involving students from the MDIS School of Engineering and MDIS staff. 3D printing was used to create original parts unique to the structure.

Dr Tham Yieng Wei, Head of School of Engineering shared, “The process of designing and building the flying car allowed our students to test their application of practical skills acquired during their course of studies. Building the mobile structure involved fundamental engineering skills such as welding, metal cutting and fabrication, electrical design and wiring, as well as 3D printing and modelling.”

Mr Woonjae Ra, a first-year engineering student from Korea involved in the creation shared, “I was responsible for the design, configuration and installation of the electrical parts of the car, including the lights, wiring and movable parts. This project also presented me with new learning opportunities, in motor control, power distribution/management and more. Additionally, I gained essential soft skills such as teamwork and time management, which will definitely make me a better engineer in the future.”

Holographic prints decorated this year’s MDIS contingent; they were incorporated into the flying car, the costumes our student performers wore, and also their accessories. The use of these futuristic holographic prints represents how our students are future-ready.

Ms Jesline Wong, Senior Director of Communications said, “As the only Private Education Institute only to take part in the Chingay Parade, we are really proud to once again be invited to be a part of this prominent national event.”

“At MDIS, we do not just cultivate our students academically. We also place emphasis on their holistic development by getting them involved in the community. I am heartened to see the big smiles on our students’ faces as they make new friends, enjoy the unique Chingay experience, and give their best to the performance.”