17 May 2017

Mastering the Art of Damage ControlMDIS in the News

He enjoys his course and plans to go into crisis management.

Mr Muhammad Haziq Abdul Wahab, 23, loves to solve problems and feels satisfied when he settles a complex issue.

During his national service at the Singapore Civil Defence Force, he was in charge of 78 physical training instructors.

Mr Muhammad Haziq, the youngest of four siblings, said: “That was where I learnt to delegate and micromanage.

“I plan to set up my own public relations company some day and focus on crisis management.”

After completing secondary school, he pursued a Diploma in Mass Communications at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) in 2011.


After completing national service in 2014, he studied for an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications at MDIS and graduated in 2015.

Mr Muhammad Haziq then worked at Singtel and a public relations company before enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media, Culture and Communication (Top up) programme

The degree is awarded by the University of Sunderland (UK), and he is expected to graduate in February next year.

Students of the year-long programme familiarise themselves with a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to the field of media, cultural and communication studies.

They develop a critical awareness of ethical issues within a communications/journalism context, as well as a high level of communication skills in the presentation of critical and creative ideas.

Students can also develop specialist knowledge in specific subject areas and communication skills in the presentation of ideas.

Graduates of the programme can opt for careers in a variety of media sectors, including TV, radio, digital media, journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations and organizational communications.

Mr Muhammad Haziq said: “I chose the year-long University of Sunderland programme because it would enable me to get an honours degree in a shorter time and return to the workforce sooner.”

As he had progressed from the diploma to degree level within MDIS, he was entitled to a rebate on the cost of his degree course.

He enjoys his studies, and the motivational quotes he sees all around the MDIS campus inspire him.

Classes are usually held twice or four days a week, and the lessons are well spaced out.

This enables him to complete his assignments on time.

He said: “I enjoy the Media Ethics and Advanced Public Relations modules.


The lecturers, Dr Catherine Tay and Dr Beverly Yuen, know their work well. Their lessons are interesting and include many personal experiences.

“The lecturers also know how to motivate us, and they treat us as colleagues and not students.”

The MDIS Campus has its own fully-equipped TV and radio studios, as well as audio and video edit suites.

It is the first private education institution to have such facilities for practical training.

Students can also join the Media and Communications Club, where they can run the campus TV and radio station to polish their journalistic skills.

Mr Muhammad Haziq said: “The facilities such as the TV and radio studios and the editing suites are great, and we learn a lot using them.”

He added: “MDIS has a wide variety of other extra-curricular activities, including dance and various sports activities.

“I was a school and national badminton player. I enjoy sports as it teaches discipline and time
management, which are crucial elements for my studies.”

His parents and elder siblings support his career and study choices.

Mr Muhammad Haziq said: “My parents have always encouraged me to follow my personal choices as they know that I am mature and responsible.

“If anyone wants to pursue higher education while working, my advice is that he or she should research the
courses available, the structure and modules and the lecturers’ profiles.”

He added: “They should especially make sure that their course can help them in their future career advancement.

“They should visit the schools to see the facilities for themselves so that they can get a clear picture of what they are signing up for.”

Source: The New Paper, 17 May 2017 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. Click here to view PDF.