20 Nov 2020

Jobseekers’ Diaries: Getting retrenched at the age of 35 moved me out of my comfort zoneLatest News

Mr Darren Ong Jun Yan shares how his “cushy job” and career built over the last eight years in the oil and gas sector vanished in a space of 15 minutes. Distraught, he thought through his misfortune rationally focusing on his expenditure and lifestyle changes, submitted numerous job applications and signed up for short professional courses to improve his employability. Soon after, he secured a job. looking back, he said that being retrenched moved him out of his comfort zone to seek new opportunities. As part of his continuous learning journey, he is currently pursuing a part-time MBA at MDIS, awarded by the University of Sunderland, UK. 

The article is featured in Today online.

We have also interviewed and featured a video of him in our social media outreach.

We wish Darren Ong the very best in his new career and MBA studies!