18 Aug 2017

His first choice instituteMDIS in the News

HE GREW up watching his father run a pharmaceutical company in India and was inspired to follow in his footsteps to pursue a business-related course later in life.

Tejas Kapoor had just completed his 12th standard at Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane, and was exploring his options to take up a diploma in the management field in a tertiary institute.

He visited an education fair in Mumbai and was “immediately impressed” with the courses offered by the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) and “the way the ambassadors spoke about the campus and the course I was interested in”, said Tejas.

“The first impression given to me about MDIS by their India country manager and its international business ambassador was definitely a lasting one.

“I knew I wanted to pursue my studies in Singapore, for it’s known to have a well-established and diversified business and financial sector. After the lengthy meet, MDIS became my first choice institute,” said the 19-year-old Delhi-born.

Tejas and his family flew to Singapore last year to visit the MDIS Campus at Queenstown to understand more about the course curriculum and student life.

He first enrolled in a business diploma awarded by MDIS before starting on a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance, awarded by Bangor University, UK, in March this year.

Said Tejas: “I liked the business diploma by MDIS and felt that business was the right course for me to pursue because it’s a wide field and I can venture into anything in future.”

The course by Bangor University focuses on combining a specialised stream of modules in finance, with a more general business studies programme that covers a broad range of business and management disciplines. It includes modules such as business study skills, principles of organisation management, macroeconomics and financial economics.

One thing he enjoys about studying in MDIS is the “careful attention” that lecturers give every student.

Tejas said: “They are very attentive to our strengths and weaknesses. The lessons are very interactive and the lecturers always pose questions to us. This motivates us to learn better.”

In addition, the diverse range of modules also help him to understand the basics of business and complexities behind every business function.

He also enjoys working on group and individual assignments as it imparts real-world knowledge and he believes that it will help him in whatever job he takes on after he graduates.

“What I like about the course is that its content is not only applicable in a job but also in our daily lives where we manage different situations,” said Tejas.

Learning is not just confined to lecture theatres and classrooms, thanks to the MDIS Business Club. He gets to attend business talks by guest speakers and also go on field trips.

Last year, he visited HSBC Singapore to understand how a large financial firm works.

“We interacted with employees on how they work, asked them questions about their roles and responsibilities. The first-hand experience was an eye-opener for me,” said Tejas.

The Indian national, who is staying at the MDIS hostel, also appreciates how the living experience has allowed him to interact and understand people from different countries and cultures.

“I have made friends with others around the world and we are willing to co-operate with each other because there is a common understanding that we are far away from our families,” said Tejas.

After he graduates in October next year, he plans to get a job in a risk management consultancy firm in Singapore, before pursuing his master’s in the business field. Tejas also has big plans for himself in the future.

“I want to get the job experience and also further my studies before starting my own risk management consultancy firm,” he said, adding that he has a vision to help companies achieve their goals in an environment
where there are constant risks and regulatory changes.


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