23 Sep 2018

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Food unites people from every race, religion and social status. It is the one thing that Singaporeans can identify with – our love for food! This year’s Singapore Heritage Film Competition theme was Heritage Food. Conceptualised in 2014, the competition provides a platform for young and aspiring filmmakers to shoot and showcase films about Singapore’s rich heritage.

Our film entry - Saapudu, Makan, Chifan (Eat), was a culmination of ideas by classmate Lucas Ashwin Clamence, on how he related to food in different ways. The concept of two people falling in love over homemade ice lollies, a mother feeding her sick child, and two friends connecting on the basis of how each of their families asked to bring home food for them.

The real challenge was to turn Lucas’ vision into reality. Our talented Media and Communications Club members agreed to put in their best effort to come up with a winning film. Our photography directors, Daras Singh Narula and Tony Tofani shared inputs on how we could curate the film. Our producers, Nicolette Lorraine and Jeanette Marjorie made sure everything was well organised and that production ran smoothly. The zero-budget production included juniors who were willing to learn and contribute to the team’s effort.

The film was shot over a period of four days, including a day’s shoot at our lecturer, Mr Fuadi Rahmat’s house. We got our work done while having fun too. It was the perfect opportunity to enhance our skills and bond with our juniors.

At the end of each day, we discussed what went wrong and what we could do better for the next shoot. We did have some disagreements and got distracted at times too but we made sure to work together as a team towards our ultimate goal.

Fast forward two months, and there we were, standing proudly on stage at the Old Parliament House during the film screening, grinning as we were awarded the third prize in the student category. We might not have won the first prize but we did win at being a team - an insanely talented yet coordinated team!