18 May 2017

Award-winning Aspiring Designers Stage Fashion ShowLatest News

The air was thick with anticipation as 15 aspiring designers waited behind the scenes for the 3rd MDIS Graduation Fashion Show to commence. Hailing from countries including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Philippines, the promising talents showcased collections themed around a common focus - “Definition”.

The statement collections, featuring bold, edgy and fanciful looks reflected the designers’ life journeys that have defined them as young designers living in a complex world.  With designs strongly expressing the ‘self’, their collections also highlighted some of the latest fashion trends with denim, long silhouette and gender-neutral styles. 

“Success comes about from what you know and who you know. To this end, our MDIS School of Fashion and Design is dedicated to providing numerous opportunities to students to gain industry exposure and recognition. Various platforms like project collaborations and internships with leading fashion brands, international fashion show participation, and overseas learning trips help our students gain necessary industry exposure, enhancing their knowledge and equipping them with industry-ready skills,” said Dr R Theyvendran, MDIS Secretary-General.

“The MDIS Graduation Fashion Show therefore marks not an end, but a beginning; of a successful career for our graduates from Nottingham Trent University’s diploma and bachelor programmes.”

Successful Graduate Designers
Margaret Lee and Chen Hai Yao are among the graduates who have found jobs in the local fashion industry, even before graduating.

Margaret has gained much knowledge and experience, not just in fashion design but also fashion marketing and branding through interning with Trendz360 in her first year of studies then working as a freelancer for the next two years to manage the company’s social media fashion page. She is currently a Junior fashion designer at Atlantic Sports.

“Being a fashion designer has always been my dream. MDIS helped me define my personal brand and create an impactful portfolio,” revealed Margaret. “I have received an all-rounded education, with rich experiences that have prepared me well for the fashion industry.”

Hai Yao, now a Product designer at Ghim Li, has developed a strong sense of style and design aesthetics through working with fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and assisting fashion icons like Guo Pei. A Top 10 winner of Compleat in Style 2015, she has seen her designs featured in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Teenage.

“All I had was an aspiration to be a fashion designer; MDIS helped me turn my inspirations into wearable designs that I’m so proud of. Exposure to industry is crucial and I managed to gain insights into the industry through my participation in Singapore Fashion Week 2016 and collaboration with brands like Dolce & Gabbana,” shared Hai Yao. 

Industry Collaborations
The 15 graduate designers have worked with renowned fashion brands including Bossini, Dolce & Gabbana, Ducati, and Trendz360. Several have won competitions such as Compleat in Style 2015 and Men’s Folio Designer of the Year. Participation in fashion shows like Digital Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Week have opened their eyes to the inner workings of the fashion industry.

MDIS also announced an expanded collaboration with leading fashion label in executive wear, Blum & Co, to develop a new line ‘Blumex’ for young executives.

Singapore Fashion Week 2017
The institute will be proudly showcasing the creative works of 24 Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing and Branding graduates, in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University and in partnership with Blum & Co. at Singapore Fashion Week 2017 on 26 October. Stay tuned for more great designs!