19 Oct 2020

Aviation courses in Singapore still see 'healthy' enrolment amid COVID-19Latest News

Our student at MDIS Business School, Mr Naresh Kumar, was featured in a recent CNA interview. 

Mr Naresh Kumar who has been a cabin crew for about 8 years, is enrolled in the Airline and Airport Management course. 

“This is just a temporary phase, it’s just a matter of time this (COVID-19) is going to be with us, and after that thing will be going back to normal,” said  Mr Naresh Kumar when asked about his concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic in this industry.

At MDIS, we see a healthy interest in the Airline and Airport Management courses which teaches students management principles that are useful and transferable for other industries as well.

Watch the news here: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/aviation-courses-in-singapore-still-see-healthy-enrolment-amid-13307382