Get Involved

With the past graduates joining us as Alumni, MDIS is going to be filled with joy, fun and laughter and especially with on-going events and activities! MDIS is always seen as an exciting and interesting place to study. Alumni are the best ambassadors of MDIS success and accomplishment over the years! The home-coming of alumni will stir up great memories and the wondrous feeling that you once had during your school days! No doubt, the presence of alumni will brighten up the alma mater and we look forward to that!

Being an alumnus, you can be involved with the following:

  • Address a graduating class at graduation
  • Attend an alumni event
  • Host an alumni event
  • Mentor a student
  • Sponsor an alumni event
  • Take a continuing education course (with discount)
  • Offer a job placement for current graduates (able to choose from their specialized profession)
  • Help to recruit students
  • Tell others about MDIS Alumni
  • Organise a class reunion
  • Speak to a class about your career
  • Stay connected with MDIS

Email us to get involved.