18 Sep 2017

Aceing that First ImpressionMDIS in the News

Whether you’re interviewing for that dream course, angling for that plum internship at a leading media company or just trying to catch the eye of the resident campus cutie, one time-tested adage holds true:
First impressions count.

Walk into the room looking like you’d rather be elsewhere and no one will notice you or even realise when you’ve left. Making a confident entrance will not only get you noticed, it could even be the first step in your journey towards tertiary glory.

While interviews are usually conducted for scholarship or award applicants, they’re also de rigueur for general admission into some courses. 

“Admission interviews provide us with a platform to gain a richer understanding of the candidate beyond what is submitted on paper,” said Mr Christopher Harris, executive dean for Schools at Kaplan.

Mr Eric Lim, head of Business School in Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), feels that interviews are necessary to assess the candidate’s soft skills, passion and suitability towards the chosen course.

“It is important for us to align the candidate’s personality with the course,” he said.

So showcase your personality, talk about your passion and go beyond what you already wrote on your application. Read on to find out how you can impress your interviewers and increase your chances of landing a place in your dream university.


Source: TODAYonline, 18 September 2017 © Mediacorp Press Ltd. Permission required for reproduction. Click here to view PDF.