MDIS School of Languages & Education in Singapore

In 1996, MDIS set up the School of Languages (now known as the School of Languages & Education (SLE)) and welcomed students from all over the world. Its primary mission is to prepare students for their university studies by promoting academic, social, and personal development in a nurturing and stimulating setting.

In recent years, SLE has embraced the diversity and uniqueness of each student’s culture while promoting qualities like leadership, integrity, synergy, generosity, innovation, and excellence in teaching. In line with these objectives, SLE will be launching its first intake of MDIS-Bangor MA Education Studies on 1 June 2020.

SLE’s success has opened doors to MDIS as our partner universities have accepted the professionally designed placement tests as IELTS equivalent, in gauging students’ fluency and placement levels.

Comprehensive Language Learning in MDIS School (Singapore)

School of Languages & Education believes that the key to learning a new language and developing proficiency is consistency and practice. Thus, experienced, well-trained, and passionate lecturers engage our students using a variety of activities geared towards communicative competence in the English language on a regular basis. The three-level Professional Certificate in English course is designed to be as enjoyable and motivating as possible in order to help students progress effectively and seamlessly.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SLE delivered its first online lesson on 13 April 2020 to about 100 students studying in Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam and China.

With a focus on learning experience, learning environment and learning outcomes, SLE aims to assist students attain the required language skills to confidently navigate the English-medium learning environment.

List of Programmes

The MDIS School of Languages & Education (SLE) offers English language programmes, including post-graduate’s degree programme and professional certificates in an enriching learning environment.

Head of School

Mr James Teo

Director, Academic Affairs
Head of School
MDIS School of Languages & Education

Mr James Teo graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia with a Master in Business Administration with distinctions in Work & Organisation System, Quantitative Analysis and Finance. He also holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore.

During his ten-year stint abroad, besides taking on a full-time job, James pursued his personal interests in Counselling and Human Resource Management through distance education. He completed the Certificate course in Counselling by Encouragement with Distinction offered by Columbia Extension College (US) and Certificate course on Managing Human Resources with Distinction offered by Deakin University (Australia).

He began his teaching career as a part-time lecturer cum tutor teaching certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate courses in Quantitative Methods, Human Resource Management, Finance, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. Since 1983, he has held teaching appointments at various institutions including Singapore Polytechnic, the University of Queensland, Western Australian Institute of Technology (the now Curtin University) and MDIS (University of Bradford, UK and Southern Cross University, Australia MBA programmes). His specialised subjects are Cost and Management Accounting and Finance. He also assumed the role of Lead Verifier for 16 business modules of Pearson BTEC Level 5 National Diploma in Business, UK from 2013 to 2017.

James’ career and experience span various business segments over 30 years, reflecting a diverse experience base and network. He spent 3 years in Corporate Banking with DBS Bank, 10 years in Australia Post, Queensland, in a middle management capacity, and held various senior management positions including the positions of Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Principal and Acting Principal for the last 18 years in St Francis Methodist School, a private education institution.

James began his career at MDIS in April 2018 as Director, Academic Affairs and Head, School of Languages & Education and was transferred to head Local Business in April 2020. In the meantime, he embarked on a journey to study the Master of Arts Education Studies (Leadership Track) from Bangor University, UK and graduated with distinction in July 2022.

A Global Education with our Language School (Singapore)

The Master of Arts Education Studies by Bangor University, UK, was launched to offer a programme that is academically challenging and relevant to a wide range of educational contexts.

To have an edge over your competition in today’s job market, having accredited qualifications from a language and education school in Singapore can help. For a truly global education, go with MDIS Language and Education School in Singapore.


SLE student posing wearing a halloween themed box on his head.
SLE students having pizza in their classroom.
MDIS students talking and laughing in the classroom.
MDIS students discussing the classwork in the classroom.
MDIS students in the computer lab accessing learning materials.
MDIS students using the computer in the classroom for lessons.
A group of MDIS students pose with a banner saying 'International Friends".
A group of MDIS students doing artwork for a class project.
A group of students holding their participation certificates in the lecture theatre.
A group of students holding their participation certificates in the lecture theatre.
A group of MDIS lecturers and staff posing for a picture in the lecture theatre.
A speaker presenting at the School of Psychology award ceremony.
A group of students holding a banner stating 'international friends'.

Read about the experiences of both local and international students at MDIS.

"I think I have learned a lot in language classes and realised the importance of the English Language. The language skills taught by my teacher will definitely help me to excel in my studies in the hotel management programme."

Wang, Jo Chen
MDIS Alumnus
Class of 2018
Professional Certificate in English (PCIE)

"English is a very important language in this globalized world. So, I decided to study English at MDIS before pursing my interest in the biomedical science programme."

Lee Yoo Chan
MDIS Alumnus
Class of 2018
Professional Certificate in English (PCIE)

"I went through the English preparatory course at MDIS to progress to my Advanced Diploma in Management Studies. In just two months, I was able to improve my language skills. Thanks to my teachers and the conducive learning environment at MDIS."

Tran Huy Hoang
MDIS Alumnus
Class of 2018
Professional Certificate in English (PCIE)

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