17 Jun 2017

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The 7th MDIS - University of Sunderland Graduation Ceremony, held on 17 June, saw more than 400 graduands at celebrating their academic achievements with family and friends at the Raffles City Convention Centre ballroom. The graduation was graced by Guest-of-Honour and Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC, Mr Ang Wei Neng.

It was a joyous day for graduands as they were overcome by a sense of jubilation, mixed with anticipation of their journey ahead.  Dr. Eric Kuan, President of MDIS, underscored the importance and significance of pursuing lifelong learning, advising graduands to stay motivated in the pursuit for knowledge. Strive to continually upgrade yourselves, stay relevant in the workforce by embracing lifelong learning in order to sustain your employability, he concluded.

Ruth Thephila, recipient of the top academic achievement award for the Master of Business Administration shared in her commencement speech: “Apart from the academic knowledge gained, we have been groomed to be independent and to think critically and objectively. With the diverse student population in the MDIS campus, our people skills are honed to work collaboratively with culturally diverse teams. The holistic development and exposure has certainly broadened our horizons and prepared us for our careers ahead.”

Ruth further encouraged her fellow graduates, saying, “As we move forward in our lives, it is important that we embrace lifelong learning and not limit ourselves by remaining in our comfort zones. We need to continually develop and nurture our knowledge and skills to stand out in the competitive corporate world."

Our heartiest congratulations to our all graduands!