12 Jan 2017

A Second Chance to Make GoodMDIS in the News

A second chance to make good

SINCE young, Mr Chia Shuo Hong, 19, has aimed to become a successful businessman.

Unsurprisingly, the youth zoomed in on the full-time Diploma in Business Management
at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

This course enables Mr Chia to gain comprehensive managerial skills and knowledge, and an
understanding of business operations in a changing business environment.

Plus, he is able to interact with its cohort of international students.

“MDIS is one of the largest private institutions with students from different countries. Who
knows, one day I might be doing business with them,” he says.

Down to business

The programme is designed for individuals who wish to obtain formal training in business management for career advancement and academic pursuits.

There are also internship opportunities with local companies.

This diploma can be completed either on a full-time (seven months) or part-time (nine months) basis.

“The business management programme I’m pursuing provides a good overview of the various business components and helps me decide what area I would like to focus on in future,” says Mr Chia.

Mr Chia enrolled in MDIS in July last year.

Business law was the subject he enjoyed learning most.

“It taught me how to read a contract carefully and the terms in law that one in business must
know,” he says.

His lecturer for the module also went beyond the textbook and shared many of his own reallife experiences.

A key part of the school’s culture is the willingness to help one another.

Mr Chia says: “When it is approaching examination period, my classmates and I study together. If we face any difficulty, we can easily contact our lecturers via e-mail and they will fix a date to address our queries.”

The MDIS campus facilities include a gym, library and cafeteria. Students can access video recorded lectures for revision purposes on their online homebased learning system, Blackboard.Assignments can also be created by lecturers and completed through this convenient portal.

There are also other nonacademic campus events such as the three-on-three basketball

Mr Chia looks forward to participating in these to get to know more people from other courses while keeping fit.

Driven to succeed

“Many have told me that in life, there are no second chances,” says Mr Chia.

“However, I was given a second chance to pursue my diploma — and in future, my degree — here at MDIS. I’m grateful for this and it has become my driving force and motivation to realise my dream,” he adds.

He admits that he did not do very well in his O levels as he was too playful. But he is now making full use of this opportunity to excel in his studies.

The people he has met at MDIS have also been a positive influence on him. “They taught me very valuable lessons such as time management, punctuality and how to plan for my future,” says Mr Chia, who will graduate next month.

Source: The Straits Times, 12 January 2017 © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. Click here to view the article.