Overseas Study Advisory

MDIS Overseas Study Advisory Unit (OSA) is set up to advice and assist prospective students with admission applications to any of our partner universities.

The OSA Unit is pleased to offer the following services:

  1. Assist students with their application to any of our partner universities
  2. Assist students with travel, accommodation and visa requirements
  3. Coordinate with the respective university on students arrival matters 
  4. Provision of pre-departure orientation, where applicable

MDIS represents following Universities in recruiting students for on-campus studies:


  1. Bangor University (Bangor Campus / London Campus)
  2. Northumbria University (Newcastle)
  3. University of Sunderland (Sunderland Campus / London Campus)
  4. Teesside University (Middlesbrough)

Students who wish to transfer to any of the above partner universities for on-campus studies, please email osa@mdis.edu.sg