Individual Membership

Fellow (FMDIS)


To be bestowed on an honorary basis on persons for their support in any of the following aspects: the interests and welfare of the Institute; and/or promotion or facilitation of the academic purposes of the Institute; and/or fostering of links between the Institute and other institutions within and outside Singapore.
The award of the Fellow may be conferred by the Institute’s Governing Council.

Life Member (LMMDIS)


Any person who is qualified to be an Ordinary member and possess at least a first degree or professional qualification from an accredited university or have at least a diploma level qualification or its equivalent and possess at least 10 years of supervisory experience.

Ordinary Member (MMDIS)


Any person in an administrative, executive or supervisory position who is qualified to advise on management development or is himself a qualified trainer in management development, with appropriate professional and/or academic qualifications as determined by the Governing Council.

Associate Member


Any person who is not eligible to be a member but is interested in the objects of the Institute, and has completed an approved course of study or is suitably recommended for membership.

Membership Fees (Inclusive of 9% GST)

Membership Category One-time Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Fellow Member Honorary Honorary
Ordinary Member $109.00 $65.40
Associate Member $81.75 $43.60
Life Member
   New $109.00 $1,526.00*
   Less than 2 years NIL $1,308.00*
   2 to less than 5 years NIL $872.00*
   5 to less than 10 years NIL $545.00*
   More than 10 years NIL $327.00*

* One-time fee for Life Membership