MDIS Blackboard

Armed with a technologically competent and future-ready ethos, MDIS leverages industry-leading tools to optimise the learning experiences of our students worldwide. We make this possible with the MDIS Blackboard, an effective platform that supports our online learning initiatives.

E-Learning Made Easy with Blackboard Learning System by MDIS

With a strong e-Learning Blackboard infrastructure, we combine physical classroom experiences with virtual ones to facilitate better engagement and communication between MDIS students and lecturers in Singapore and around the world. Essentially, we aim to make efficient use of both students’ and lecturers’ time on and off campus. With a global presence, Blackboard enables MDIS students all over the world to gain easy access to resources on a single platform and allow lecturers to address students’ queries and needs more effectively.

Students can expect, among other features, access to all course materials online, paperless submissions of assignments and instant updates on course developments, anytime and anywhere.

Features of MDIS Blackboard

Students are invited to make full use of the Blackboard capabilities throughout their time at MDIS, whether in Singapore or at our campuses overseas. With access to the MDIS Blackboard, students can:

  • View course updates
  • Participate in classroom discussions
  • Complete tests and quizzes
  • Complete and submit assignments
  • View grades and feedback
  • Stream videos online (Using 3rd party applications such as Zoom)
  • Download course materials including course syllabus, assignments and learning resources

MDIS students may download the Blackboard Learning App on their desktops and mobile devices, or access our e-Learning system through our website here. For more information on our Blackboard system, you may contact our MDIS customer services team.

Online Learning at MDIS

We continuously work towards enhancing our online learning capabilities through our MDIS Blackboard portal and augment students’ learning experiences. Apart from our Blackboard platform, MDIS students can also retrieve additional resources from our online library. This provides them access to library catalogues at our partner institutions that will further enhance their learning.