Study in Singapore – MDIS Business School (MBS)

The MDIS Business School (MBS) in Singapore is the largest and most established business school within the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Our business school in Singapore offers an industry-relevant and a multi-disciplinary approach in the fields of business and management in Singapore, preparing students for career commencement and advancement in today’s complex business environment.

Why Choose A Business School like MBS in Singapore?

To meet global challenges, MBS offers a plethora of business programmes ranging from International Foundation Diploma to a Doctorate Degree, from its five renowned university partners in the United Kingdom: namely Bangor University (UK), the University of Plymouth (UK), the University of Portsmouth (UK), the University of Sunderland (UK) and Teesside University (UK). The university partners – with reputable rankings – are carefully chosen to provide students a rigorous and thorough knowledge in the business field.

The key academic programmes offered by our business school in Singapore include business, accounting, banking and finance, marketing, and international business. Take a look at the various business programmes offered by MDIS Business School (MBS) in Singapore here.

MBS is staffed with a pool of highly-qualified lecturers and experienced professionals. To provide students an edge in an increasingly competitive economy, our business school in Singapore organises seminars, industry talks, company visits, and networking opportunities that are available even to alumni. Studying in Singapore gives business school students the opportunity to connect with students coming from diverse backgrounds.

Studying in Singapore – Life as a Business School Student

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Read about the experiences of both local and international students at MDIS.

"The Sunderland MBA has been a journey of discovery, learning about global businesss, and how they operate. The programme also helpe me develop skills and critical thinking with which to succeed in my workplace."

Khairina. K
Master of Business Administration
University of Sunderland, UK (2019)

“Studying in MDIS has been a great experience for me. As English is not my first language, I’ve always felt challenged communicating in English. However, all the lecturers are very helpful and have been patient with me throughout my time here. They are always ready and willing to guide their students. They encourage us to do more and that is what keeps me going till now.

Aside from the formal curriculum, I am glad that I joined the MDIS Business Club. It was there that I got the opportunity to better interact and get to know people from diverse backgrounds – some of whom, I call my best friends now”.

Evelyn Frances 
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Studies & Finance
Bangor University, UK (2019)

“Bangor University’s Business Studies & Finance program has armed me with the skills and knowledge that I require to succeed in my professional life. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students to take on a career in the field of finance. The lecturers are all industry experts who have valuable industry insights and experience to share with the students.
MDIS provides a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of study within an international and multicultural environment. I was exposed to people from a wide spectrum of educational and cultural backgrounds, which will stand me in good stead for my career.”

Kennard Soh Yu Hui
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Studies & Finance – First Class Honours
Bangor University, UK (2018)

“The MBA has given me a broader perspective and equipped me with sophisticated tools that I can apply at the workplace every day. My experience at MDIS has now encouraged me to consider studying even further!”

Vishal Srivastava
Master of Business Administration
University of Sunderland, UK (2018)

“Studying at MDIS has been a truly unforgettable experience. MDIS made it possible for learning to be enjoyable. I enjoyed every step of my course, just as much as it had challenged me, and, pushed me to think outside the box.

My teachers provided constant support and encouragement, and motivated me to hit my full potential. The theoretical knowledge that I gained during my time with MDIS has helped me in the working world. 

In my line of work, I recruit finance executives for major firms, and I am sure with the knowledge gained, it will help me to garner even more executives for major firms.”

Amala Ramalingam
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Accounting and Financial Management (Silver Award)
University of Sunderland, UK (2018)

“The main reason I chose a Business course was to gain a more in-depth understanding of how the market works – from the inner workings of how a customer behaves, to how economies operate overall.

The taught programme was diverse and covered a multitude of areas in detail. The skills and knowledge taught were also applicable to the rigour and requirements of the current job market.

The core reason I chose MDIS in collaboration with Bangor University, was because of the recognised accreditation of Bangor University not only locally, but also globally. The 2 years accelerated programme provided an added bonus of finishing a year before our peers in other universities, giving us ample time to find jobs and gain experience in this saturated market.

Other than the highly relevant course materials, the business school held numerous workshops and supplementary programmes to develop our competencies and give us an added edge in this competitive market. After I graduated, I have successfully secured a full-time role as a Marketing Executive with Spaceman Innovations in Singapore.”

Ashini Kumarihamy Ekanayake
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"I chose to study Bsc (Hons) in Business Studies and Finance program as it has the perfect balance between practical and theoretical modules. Throughout my course of study, I was exposed to new skills and concepts and there was ample opportunity for me to sharpen said skills.

Most of our assignments and projects were based on up-to-date, real-life scenarios and we learnt more about global monetary authorities, successful global companies’ theories, models and practices. Through the MDIS Business Club as well, we had many opportunities to visit MNCs and government bodies like Google, MAS, PUB and more.

Having graduated, I fulfilled my dream of working in a corporate bank. I am currently with DBS bank as a Senior Customer Service Officer. I am looking forward to continuing my Masters in a few years’ time, after I have gained some experience in the corporate world."

Wijemuni Nipun Kaushalya De Silva
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"MDIS Singapore is a great place to study as an international student. Its infrastructure, multicultural alumni members, partnership with excellent universities worldwide, and its evolutionary programmes spurred me on. We feel ready to join the fast-changing business industry, in the midst of the rising globalisation.

Moreover, Singapore is known to be one of the most advanced countries in Business and Finance –  a field of study that has always been my passion. Lastly, Singapore is a safe and welcoming place to live in, far from my home country and family. After my studies, I hope to find a job in Singapore or in the UK, where I can apply my years of study and develop more skills for my future career.”

Rakotomalala Harifetranirina Prisca
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Studies and Finance
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"The programme has allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for management and leadership principles. It has also been fine-tuned and aligned to recognise the trends and issues faced by organisations and respective industries. The programme helped me to value add my partners and audiences when I bring the lessons at MDIS into the classroom or boardroom."

Vikramaraj S/O Rajoo Devaraj
Doctorate of Business Administration
Teesside University, UK (2020)

"One year of MBA in MDIS has truly transformed my life. I had the chance to learn from the most inspiring lecturers, to be a part of a very close-knit group of friends, to create many great memories with them, and moreover, to discover abilities and ambitions that I never thought I had. Of course there are still many goals that I have not achieved; many things I regret that I did or did not do, but choosing this course would never be one of those things I regretted."

Phan Ngoc Trang
Master of Business Administration in International Marketing
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"Learning is a lifelong process. And pursing an MBA in International Marketing with Bangor University is one of the critical steps in taking my marketing career to the next level.

This year-long programme also gave me the opportunity to forge close friendships with my fellow classmates from different parts of the world. In doing so, we get ourselves acquainted with different cultures and perspectives."

Yim Man Shan
Master of Business Administration in Intermational Marketing
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"At age 30, after working for 7 years as a quality/regulatory analyst, I decided to further my education by pursuing an MBA in the field of Banking & Finance from MDIS, in collaboration with Bangor University.  At MDIS, I got a chance to learn from some extremely knowledgeable lecturers who are highly experienced in their respectively fields. I truly believe that hard work and a positive attitude make dreams come true as they did for me, when I bagged the Gold Award for being the Top Student of the Year.

As an international student, MDIS proved to be the right choice for me as it provided the platform for me to learn and understand the International Financial Markets. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I am currently working as a Financial Services Consultant at AIA Singapore, which was a result of the knowledge and exposure I gained from studying at MDIS.

I highly recommend MDIS to those who desire to learn and succeed in their careers, provided that they stay committed and passionate towards achieving their professional dreams."

Amal Kashyap
Master of Business Administration in Banking and Finance
Bangor University, UK (2019)

"I chose Business as my course of study as I would like to improve my standing in the workplace. I decided to enrol in MDIS because it offers a part-time programme schedule that is suitable for working adults like myself. Throughout our course of study, our lecturers would always provide us with industry-related examples that aids in our understanding, and would be useful for us even as we embark on our career.  "

Tan Swee Yee
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management
University of Sunderland, UK (2019)

“I have successfully completed my Bachelor’s Degree and I would like to thank MDIS for equipping me with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate today's competitive and global workplace.

By doing a business degree, I was able to understand the different branches that work together within businesses and organisations that lead to their success.  I find the minds of businessmen to be intriguing and the insights gained through the various modules helped me better understand world events. I am looking forward to hustle and climb in my field of work as I continue to gain valuable experiences. My advice to those pursuing higher education and building a successful career path - always remember to invest in yourself, for you will become your greatest asset.”

Sangareeswari D/O Silvam
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business and Marketing 
University of Sunderland, UK (2019)