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It'S SKIN Korean Make-up Workshop

Learn to achieve the luminous and the latest Spring make up look with It’S SKIN’s professional beauticians!

All participants will walk away with an exclusive goody bag from It’S SKIN.
 Campus Activity  

Talk by MDIS Business School: Personal Branding

Talk: Personal Branding
With social media being an integral part of our lives, Personal Branding is of growing importance regardless of age, position and business we are in. Join us for an insightful sharing and understand how to effectively craft your own personal brand.
 Campus Activity  

Talk by MDIS Business School: Why Economics is Important to our Daily Life?

Talk: Why Economics is Important to our Daily Life
Economics as a social science affects every one of us. It directs us in our daily decision making directly or indirectly as everything boils down to our unlimited wants and limited resources. The decisions we make ultimately gives rise to fundamental questions that economics attempts to answer, namely;

MDIS School Clubs Recruitment Day 2017

Want to expand your social circle, learn new skills and have a vibrant campus life? Come find out about the various clubs available in MDIS!
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