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Unfolding Opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality

The Experience

Presenting a paper at the prestigious APacCHRIE conference 2023 which was held in the vibrant city of Clark in the Philippines, was an awesome experience I will cherish for years. APacCHRIE is the leading hospitality and tourism education association with members from over 75 leading universities across the Asia–Pacific. This year’s APacCHRIE Conference was successfully held on 25-27 May 2023 in Clark, Philippines, with five energizing plenary sessions and over 500 participants from 18 countries/regions. This journey, generously supported by the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), allowed me to take valuable strides forward in the world of hospitality and tourism research.

Upon arrival, I was in the company of esteemed deans, faculty members, and representatives from numerous regional universities, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences. The conference was a vibrant mix of thought-provoking keynote speeches, high-quality research presentations, critical discussions, and feedback sessions.

Networking Opportunities

While representing MDIS at the conference, I had the honour of networking with representatives from esteemed institutions such as Hospitality Business School, Switzerland, Singapore Institute of Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Taylors University, Malaysia.  It was an opportunity to position MDIS as a prominent institution in the region for hospitality and tourism education amidst such diverse and knowledgeable stakeholders.

My presentation at the conference focused on the pressing need for “Updates to Sustainability curriculum in Hospitality’. The positive feedback and inspiring discussions that followed my presentation made me more hopeful about our collective future in sustainable tourism.

A particularly memorable encounter was with Mr Ramon Reyes Jimenez Jr., Minister of Tourism for the Philippines. His passion for the industry was contagious and underscored the importance of sustainable development and tourism.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Ms Ma. Gisela Tiongson, President of the Jollibee Foundation. Ms Tiongson shared stories of community engagement and sustainable practices of the foundation.

A special mention must be made of Dr Kaye Chon, the visionary Tourism Chair of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His insights and advice proved invaluable, broadening my perspective on the role of education in fostering sustainable tourism.


The APacCHRIE Conference 2023 was a meeting of minds and a platform for forging alliances and unlocking potential. I am eager to harness these relationships to better contribute towards sustainable tourism, and make a meaningful impact.

Article contributed by Mr Aji Divakar, Lecturer from the MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH).


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