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Take Off to Success with the MDIS Open House 2024

Success seems hard to achieve, but it is not. Success requires a mix of hard work, grit, determination and a positive mindset to achieve a desired outcome. Whether your desired outcome is to do well at every stage of your academic career, ace a specific subject or look for sequential academic progression from a higher diploma to a degree and master’s programme, everyone’s definition of success is different. However, the take-off to success requires considerable planning and preparation.

Themed ‘Flight to Success’, the MDIS Open House 2024 will be held only on Saturday, January 13 2024. Guided school tours are available all day upon request at the counter upon arrival. Visitors can explore MDIS’ labs, classrooms and facilities and talk to the Academic Faculty and students to learn more about the diploma, higher diploma or degree programmes they are keen on. And it gets even better – visitors are free to join the all-day exclusive immersive Fireside Chats and MasterClasses at SAMTAS Hall.

Tailored to inspire those looking to feel re-energised post-results release, the immersive discussion sessions are curated to offer a holistic perspective of life post-tertiary education. Key highlights of the session include a face-to-face meeting with Singapore entrepreneur Ray Wong, founder of handy, lightweight and highly affordable iontophoresis machines Raynatics and a robust sharing by Emil Tan, a well-connected and well-established Cybersecurity expert on today’s pressing topic of scams and how to immediately identify one.

Sounds exciting? Here’s a sneak peek of the ‘Flight to Success Open House 2024‘:

Course Previews

Just as pilots and flight engineers ensure every aspect of the aircraft is in top-notch condition for a flight, MDIS guarantees that our diploma and degree programmes undergo rigorous scrutiny. Our Academic Faculty comprises industry experts who meticulously design the curriculum, ensuring it aligns with global standards and demands. 

Immersive Fireside Chats and Experiential Previews

Prepare for an engaging systems check with our immersive fireside chats, MasterClasses and experiential course previews. Tailored for a robust and immersive experience, the sessions offer an intense exploration of dynamic course content, interactive discussions with industry experts and all-hands previews, ensuring visitors understand their educational journey and are ready for the educational take-off to success. 

Highlights of the Fireside Chats, MasterClasses and even student sharing sessions include:

Fireside Chat: The Modern Engineer, The Modern Businessman

It is no secret that an engineering graduate is always hot in demand, regardless of which discipline they choose. From Stockbroking and Bullion trading to Government careers and even running profitable startups, Engineers are the backbone of society. Like Michael Bloomberg, Singapore engineering graduates have plenty to offer. Join Ray Wong and Dr. Anthony Yee in this special session where you will discover the secrets of why engineering graduates are well-sought after and how their academic training enables them to become successful businesspeople.

MasterClass: How to CSI a Potential Scam

Did you know that despite being one of the OECD nation’s most literate populations, Singapore is susceptible to scams? According to the Singapore Police Force, the number of cybercrime cases increased to a staggering 69% to 24,525 cases, compared to 14,481 cases in the same period in 2022. Job, phishing, e-commerce, investment and fake friend call scams were the top five scam types that constituted 83.8% of all cases reported. In this session, moderated by MDIS School Of Engineering and Technology Head Of School, Dr. Ronnie Teo, guest speaker Emil Tan explains how one can identify a scam and safeguard themselves and their loved ones against such activities.

Student’s Sharing Session: Can A Private Degree Help Me Achieve My Dreams of Getting a PhD?

Moderated by School of Life Sciences’ Head Of School, Dr. Ang Swee Kim, MDIS Alumni Tania shares her rewarding academic journey as she now embarks on her PhD adventure with the National University of Singapore.

Sharing Session: Mental Wellness In A Connected World

You’ve got message! As life becomes increasingly interconnected with our digital devices, let us take a deep dive into a healthfully positive exploration with School Of Health and Nursing and Psychology, Dr Tham Chee Kin on how best we could stay positive in today’s world.

Lucky Draws and Course Fee Rebates

Fuel your enthusiasm with the excitement of lucky draws and course fee rebates. Get lucky with attractive prizes and enjoy exclusive course fee rebates for every step you take towards positively shaping your academic future with MDIS. We believe in recognising – and supporting – your commitment to educational excellence.

Course Counselling Sessions

For those who have questions about admissions or financial assistance or wish to learn more about the International Foundation Diploma programmes, Diploma courses and Advanced Diploma programmes leading to globally-recognised UK and US undergraduate degrees, information booths will be set up at SAMTAS Hall. Keen visitors are free to speak with the school’s staff to find out in detail about the courses on offer – and how they can claim the course fee rebates.

At the MDIS Flight to Success Open House 2024, success is within reach for every individual, only requiring hard work, determination and a positive mindset. Join us on Saturday, January 13 2024, as we guide you through the meticulous preparation needed for your educational flight, from mastering academic stages to achieving your definition of success.

A Mindset of Success

Beyond knowledge and skills, MDIS emphasises the importance of cultivating a mindset of success. Join us for motivational talks and interactive sessions where we share strategies for personal and professional triumphs. MDIS is not just an Institute of Higher Learning but also a runway for your flight to success. 

Your Flight to Success Starts with MDIS

Buckle up for a day of discovery, exploration and envisioning your desired future. Whether you are at the inception of your educational pursuit or aiming to fly higher, MDIS is here to propel you to success. Join us – and together – let us take your aspirations to new heights. The sky is not the limit. It is just the beginning.

Remember, think success, think MDIS.


Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd which oversees its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd which focuses on MDIS’ globalisation strategy. MDIS offers internationally-accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion and Design, Health and Nursing, Information Technology, Languages and Education, Life Sciences, Media and Communications, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Safety and Environmental Management.

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