MDIS X University of Roehampton London Graduation Ceremony 2023 Highlights

The MDIS-University of Roehampton graduation ceremony marked a two-year partnership celebration, honouring 56 graduates, with over 50% achieving Honours.

Held on Saturday, 4 November 2023, at MDIS Campus Auditorium, the celebratory event recognised the academic achievements of the cohort, with five First Class Honours, 46 Second Class Honours and five Third Class Honours. At the same time, the event marked a fruitful two-year strategic collaboration between MDIS and the United Kingdom’s 38th-ranked universities in terms of impact research1.

This year, MDIS and the University of Roehampton London awarded the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nutrition Science; and
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychological and Behavioural Science

The ceremony was graced by guest-of-honour Dr Christopher Syn Kiu Choong, Group Director, Applied Sciences Group, Health Sciences Authority, faculty members from the University of Roehampton London, families and loved ones, dear to our graduates.

In his congratulatory speech, Dr Syn highlighted the importance of lifelong learning and the need to evolve into an ‘M-person’, also known as a multi-skilled professional, to stay relevant and employable in the volatile and demanding workforce.

“You need to be the M-person with deep expertise alongside a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that you can leverage to gaze the crystal ball, make the critical analyses, and proactively respond to what is coming. Then you get to ride the waves of change at its crest.”

Professor Jean-Noël Ezingeard, Vice Chancellor of the University of Roehampton London, graced the occasion and emphasised the value of the experiences and knowledge the graduates gained while pursuing their education at Roehampton.

“You have the ability to be a force for positive change wherever your career takes you. Your education on your Roehampton programme at MDIS, has not only prepared you for a career, but it has also prepared you to be a responsible citizen.” – Professor Jean-Noël Ezingeard

The event was a testament to the resilience, growth and achievements displayed throughout the graduates’ educational journey. In addition, it was a celebration of accomplishments and the collective success of the graduating class that brought them together as a community.

The graduation ceremony was an emotional rollercoaster. Tears of joy and jubilation filled the room as the graduates met their fellow classmates, lecturers and mentors who had made a significant impact in their academic journey.

It was also a time to acknowledge the support of graduates’ families and friends, who had played an important role in their academic success. Seeing the graduates, their families and friends beam with pride as they relished the moment, was genuinely touching.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022, who worked tirelessly to make their dreams come true.

To all successful graduates: Your achievements are exemplary and a constant reminder that hard work and determination always pay off.

As our graduates complete yet another significant milestone and move on to a new chapter in their lives, we would like to freeze this moment for them to remember their remarkable journey.

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