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MDIS Tashkent – 15 Years & Growing Strong

MDIS Tashkent, our first overseas campus, and an institution of choice for students in Uzbekistan, Central Asia marked its 15th…

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Five main challenges of Artificial Intelligent Technology

The ever-presence of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in many industries, ranging from consumer applications to business intelligence, making AI one of…

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A Peek Into Dr Yew’s Life

Take "A Peek Into" Dr Yew’s Life, lecturer for the School of Engineering & Technology (SET) and find out what…

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MA Education: Advantages and Tips for Part-time Study

Pursuing an MA Education, or any postgraduate course, part-time while juggling other commitments is challenging. Here are some tips to…

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Electrical Hazards when working from home

Many companies have switched to long term remote work, requiring staff to work from home. But is your home office…

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A Peek Into Dr Rama’s Life

Take "A Peek Into" Dr Rama’s life, lecturer for the School of Engineering & Technology, and find out what interesting…

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore for 2022

Unarguably, no one likes waking up in the morning and going to a job you do not like. Everyone hopes…

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BA vs. BSc: Which Degree Is a Better Choice for You?

A BA degree consists of broader specializations and subjects, whereas a BSc concentrates on technical and scientific topics.

3 years ago

6 Tips on finding a job through a Virtual Career Fair

Looking for a job in this COVID-19 economy can be daunting. From writing the perfect resume to searching through the…

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MBA vs MSc: Which Is The Right Choice for Your Career

Are you contemplating on MBA vs MSc? An MBA offers a breadth of skills to be strategic in management, while…

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